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mrsrowe mrsrowe

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 We took a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. We landed on an inside ledge of the canyon on an Indian reservation for a picnic lunch, and the love of my life asked me to marry him. :)

chilli.hodgson chilli.hodgson

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Viewed by helicopter



kirstenholmes98 kirstenholmes98

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Like Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon is somehwere I have wanted to visit since our family friend showed us pictures of their trip in aorund 2008. Similarly to my goal of going to Vegas, I will also be visiting the GrandCanyon during my summer in the states. 


Update (5/09/18)

On the 29th August I got to walk the South Rim of the canyon. It really was amazing and better than I thought it would be. I took every opportuinty I had to sit on the edge and look out in the canyon. 

On 30th I got to hike down into the canyon which was also amazing. Appartently very few people take the opportunity to hike down although it is a marked trail so I am grateful I took the opportuinty while I was there to go into the canyon and look up at where we were the day before. I wasn't right on the bottom of the canyon but even still it was an incredible experience.

GingerAle.Explorer04 GingerAle.Explorer04

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 Gorgeous! I visited the grand canyon with my grandparents twice and with my parents once. Its a must see! I can't tell you much since I was very young at the time, but I can assure you the memories I have are the reason I recommend the Grand Canyon.

elfen elfen

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When I was 10 my family went to the USA and among other things we saw Grand Canyon. 

rachel.doyle.731 rachel.doyle.731

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 Unbelievable, stood at the top of the Canyon Watching helicopters flying below me. They were so small they looked like birds

redolenthxrry redolenthxrry

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I visited the Grand Canyon with my family. The biggest problem was definitely the heat, I was dehydrated so I had a major headache. But, it was definitely worth it. The view was magnificent, it was so beautiful it looked like it was already photographed. 


tesslundvall tesslundvall

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Went camping in the Grand Canyon on our USA-road trip 2017 2 nights. Saw the sunset with a smirnoff ice in my hand. A memory that i never will forget!

micool52 micool52

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Summer of 2006 with my family.

Went to Los Angeles, San francisco, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Again in 2016 during a Road Trip with David, Vincent, Melanie and Mathilde

wherethehellisvaldoo wherethehellisvaldoo

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This place makes you speechless. Things to see for all day and maybe for even couple. Unfortunately had only 3 hours. Worth to see and have to see it at least once in your life.


charlymeow charlymeow

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amazing! we flew a helicopter over the desert and landed in the middle of the canyon and had a picnic

lulepetite lulepetite

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Wow! What can I even say about something so incredible? It was breathtakingly beautiful. I was brought to tears by the nature that surrounded me. I cannot wait to go back and stay longer and explore more. Something everyone should see. 

annajewels annajewels

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kimawhite kimawhite

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TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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Visit to Arizona in April 2015 with Adam Cejka.


hanne.devloo hanne.devloo

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The Grand Canyon truly is magnificent! When you're on top of the Canyon it's hard to understand how 'Grand' the Grand Canyon Really is. You can stare for hours to all the layers, curls and notches. The South RIm can get really busy, especially when you restrict yourself to the free shuttle bus rides and popular lookouts. The moment you start walking away from those places your can get the Grand Cayone for you alone.

hema_gvk hema_gvk

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alyonabuschette alyonabuschette

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 Not really knowing what to expect when I got there and not seeing a whole lot at the beginning I didn't expect much. But getting off that tour bus and going on an adventure on your own was incredible. The heights were massive and the views were indescribable. Climbing to the top of certain points will make any person feel like they are at the top of the world.

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 One of the most incredible sights to behold. You cannot fathom the depth and width of this place. Pictures DO NOT do it justice!

maggi.horseman maggi.horseman

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I did it!  Photos can’t do this spiritual experience justice.  

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