See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

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BriAdina BriAdina

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 This was only a few weeks ago, on February 20, 2014. My uncle was driving My brother, two of my friends and I home from a concert and a blizzard hit. The snow was so thick, we couldn't see 5 feet in front of us and with no street lights to guide us home, we were all pretty terrified. Moments after we began to pray for our safety, the snow and fog cleared away in front of us and we could see clearly. The most beautiful thing about it was the twirling green lights spread the entire way across the sky, guiding us back home. When we finally got home, the lights were fading, but were still clear enough to get a picture. Such a beautiful sight. 

brittneynoel brittneynoel

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I've seen the lights several times during my Summer's spent in Alaska (2010 and 2011)


Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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 Always so beautiful! (not my photo, my camera is too bad to capture them or I don't know right settings)

stephanieyuhas stephanieyuhas

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 Go figure, right after bookin a trip to Iceland, we randomly saw them in Norristown! A little cloudy, but they were there!

fakesheereen fakesheereen

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ryttu3k ryttu3k

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This is the best one I got I'm so sorry. Norway, February 2013, aboard the MS Finnmarken with Hurtigruten. We saw the lights a good five times that voyage!


angiwallace angiwallace

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On 27th August 2015 I saw the northern lights by eye with other aurora chasers at Whitley bay, UK. It was magical. Ive seen it twice again since then and will continue to pursue seeing it as often as possible. Below is a photograph I took on 27th/8/2015


andrewok89 andrewok89

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Saw them at 20.30 outside our hotel in Reykjavik 3/11/15


SabreLi SabreLi

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Travel to Iceland and see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)


hema_gvk hema_gvk

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 This has been on my bucketlist for a really long time. I can finally check this off.

Visited Iceland in September 2017 which is a shoulder month and is not the best time to view Northern Lights.Fortunately for us, the solar flares happened in the same week we were in Iceland and we had the opportunity to spot the spectacular Aurora Borealis.

saphirajade saphirajade

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 Watching them in Iceland on a snowy night in the middle of nowhere was simply amazing <3 

AnnBushnell AnnBushnell

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Visited Iceland in January 2015. The weather was kind to us and after a late night searching for them across the south of the island, we finally saw them near Eyrarbakkavegur and Þorlákshöfn around 2am. Temperature was about -8 degrees C. If you plan to go, normal flash photography with compact cameras and photos taken on mobiles will not show the lights. Pictures ideally need to be taken with SLR, long exposure, high ISO noise reduction, on a tripod and with remote cable release. Be prepared to wait and get very cold! The pictures are a bit grainy because of the camera settings but actually looked better than what we could see with the human eye, or maybe I was just very tired!


chemical_elli chemical_elli

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 The lights looked by eye just like clouds. The green light was only visible on the pictures. So the aurea was not that strong and it was sooooo freezing cold (about -10°C). The next morning we had muscle pain everywhere from just standing in the snow for several hours.

michellatrix.lesam michellatrix.lesam

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 It was absolutely magical! Like waiting for the Dark Mark (Harry Potter for those who are lost) but it never finishes forming! We saw them on the flight in, our first night in our hotel in Reykjavik and our first night in our cabin in Akranes! Terrible iPhone photos but the color that came through was spectacular! Thankful I was able to capture any of it!

Juve Juve

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The picture wasn't taken by me, unfortunately. I was really lucky seeing Aurora in general, cause I didn't manage to see it during my stay in Iceland. I saw it the day I was leaving, already in the plane!! We were travelling back at night and the crew turned off the lights and told us to look out the window cause the northern lights were around. So amazing!! I thank God for this amazing beauty and such an opportunity to see if from a plane

toyang toyang

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We got hit with bad weather for the most part of our trip to Iceland, so the chances of us seeing the Northern Lights were very slim or even close to impossible. On our last full day, out of sheer desperation, I suddenly felt an impulse to book us tickets to a Northern Lights tour despite the unpromising forecast. It was drizzling on and off, and to be honest I don't think anybody was convinced we were going to see it. Heck, even one of the tour guides didn't bring his camera thinking that there weren't going to be any sightings that night. After traveling an hour north of Reykjavik, we busted out our photography gear and tested a long exposure shot. What an amazing feeling it was when I saw that faint green arc appear on my camera! The lights got stronger and moved like a lava lamp, but more vividly I remember it as a light green glow in the sky. The Aurora we saw wasn't as strong as some of the beautiful postcards you see but it was still a pretty nice sight to behold!


somewherearound somewherearound

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So difficult to catch that's why its the most impressive


EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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It was an amazing sight. I saw it in Svalbard along with my niece. We travelled sort of far from the population center via car, then snowmobile and it was an absolutely amazing sight. You should probably watch out for polar bears though. We met one, but it wasn't aggressive, since we were a distance away.

dagmarruth.bouwman dagmarruth.bouwman

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Seen it twice with my mom. Magical experience.


Althaire Althaire

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My mom and I saw the Aurora Borealis during a flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver. Our flight was very nice because it was mostly empty, about a row to each person. While the lights were off because we were flying during the night, we noticed some light outside and ran to the windows to see. It was Aurora Borealis! The pilot announced it on the PA system, guess he didn't want anyone to miss it.

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