See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

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fakesheereen fakesheereen

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angiwallace angiwallace

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On 27th August 2015 I saw the northern lights by eye with other aurora chasers at Whitley bay, UK. It was magical. Ive seen it twice again since then and will continue to pursue seeing it as often as possible. Below is a photograph I took on 27th/8/2015


Bgreen19 Bgreen19

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Went to Iceland in December specifically to see the Norgern Lights. New Years Eve we went out of the city because it was suppose to be a good night to see it. We waited hours and could kind of see something but nothing too bright. Then while we were packing up all of a sudden there was a magnificent green glow and we looked up, jumped out of the car and watched the most beautiful show we could have imagined! We had our camera and we taking pictures and videos and we were so excited! After it died down we got back into the car planning to leave (as the tour busses were shoveling people into the area we were at... apparently we were at a really popular spot) and we both looked down at the camera and we had left the lens on in our hurry to get out the car. I had taken a few photos with my phone but they were not very good... we will always have that memory though! Absolutely amazing!


andrewok89 andrewok89

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Saw them at 20.30 outside our hotel in Reykjavik 3/11/15


SabreLi SabreLi

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Travel to Iceland and see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)


AnnBushnell AnnBushnell

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Visited Iceland in January 2015. The weather was kind to us and after a late night searching for them across the south of the island, we finally saw them near Eyrarbakkavegur and Þorlákshöfn around 2am. Temperature was about -8 degrees C. If you plan to go, normal flash photography with compact cameras and photos taken on mobiles will not show the lights. Pictures ideally need to be taken with SLR, long exposure, high ISO noise reduction, on a tripod and with remote cable release. Be prepared to wait and get very cold! The pictures are a bit grainy because of the camera settings but actually looked better than what we could see with the human eye, or maybe I was just very tired!


ryttu3k ryttu3k

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This is the best one I got I'm so sorry. Norway, February 2013, aboard the MS Finnmarken with Hurtigruten. We saw the lights a good five times that voyage!


xhayles xhayles

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 The most beautiful thing I've ever seen

laura.samvelyan laura.samvelyan

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It was a beautiful feeling.

dagmarruth.bouwman dagmarruth.bouwman

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Seen it twice with my mom. Magical experience.


Althaire Althaire

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My mom and I saw the Aurora Borealis during a flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver. Our flight was very nice because it was mostly empty, about a row to each person. While the lights were off because we were flying during the night, we noticed some light outside and ran to the windows to see. It was Aurora Borealis! The pilot announced it on the PA system, guess he didn't want anyone to miss it.

somewherearound somewherearound

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So difficult to catch that's why its the most impressive


wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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I live in north Sweden... I would be amazed if I didn´t see it all the time:)


Elmo_0 Elmo_0

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I live in Minnesota and one night these were clearly visible from my house! A-mazing

mustangjenna mustangjenna

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 It was 3am...and totally breathtaking! Can't wait to see them again someday:-)

anna.cruz anna.cruz

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They are beautiful.  

QueenOfNonsense QueenOfNonsense

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Been there, done that, but I wouldn't mind doing it all over again


okcjj okcjj

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1989 - North Star Cruise 

Jayneharrison8 Jayneharrison8

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See the lights


Kevask Kevask

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 Icelandic Adventure 2013 

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