See the Northern Lights

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Avreliane Avreliane

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I went to Finland as an Erasmus student and if I chose Finland is to see the northern lights. I did it ! I saw them and it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen ever !! It was in Lapland our first night there. I went near a forest there were no lights at all and I could see the stars like I've never seen them before I could even see satellites ! I was already really amazed by the sky but when the northern lights appeared it was even more amazing. It's like if someone was painting the sky in green, the lights were moving and changing colors from green to purple and red. It probably lasted for half an hour and it was the only time I saw them. I would love to see them again I'm sure it will be as amazing as the first time.

Everyone should see them it is the most beautiful thing in the world !

PS: this is my own picture of what I saw.


Ben3__ Ben3__

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 Alaska, 2012.  Gotta dress for long periods in sub-zero weather.  Lights VERY cool.  Sorta makes you feel stoned!  HAHA

apoland79 apoland79

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April 2014


Nope. The Northern Lights look nothing like the pictures you see. IF you're lucky enough to see them, you'll know that you were in the middle of nowhere in the winter...likely freezing your tail off, just for a brief glance of some green flashes of twisting light in the sky. Cameras pic up more of the green than the human eye, so when you see a bright, glorious image of the Northern Lights, know that it's not at all what you'll witness in real life.

Being frozen on a boat in the middle of the Arctic Ocean for 3 hours at midnight just wasn't worth the experience.


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I saw the Northern Lights when I visited Iceland on October 2009 it was Amazing. In able to see the Northern lights we had to go on a bus ride all the way up to the top on a mountain which pulled over in the middle of the road in able for us to enjoy the sky. 

laura434 laura434

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Traveled to Iceland on 14th November 2014 with activities planned for everyday of the trip. Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights hunting on Saturday, Golden Circle on Sunday and horse riding over lava fields on Monday. Wasn't lucky enough to get a photo of the northern lights but we saw them! An unforgettable experience, difficult to describe as the atmosphere is something you really have to experience to understand. Iceland is the most beautiful country on earth, it was truly the trip of a lifetime, I can't wait to go back!

Tinkerbell1308 Tinkerbell1308

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Whilst my photos don't exactly do it justice the lights were so bright and clear. Sadly my camera didn't want to work due to aperture so these were taken with my phone. I'm now kitted out with proper equipment so the next time I go I'll get some amazing photos 

FortyforForty FortyforForty

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 Trip to Tromsø with Mum & Dad

MarieFromBelgium MarieFromBelgium

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It was a very short moment, but it was a fantastic moment :p

We were in a natural hot spring, on the Kjölur-route in Iceland.

stephanie.corbitt.9 stephanie.corbitt.9

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 I was so worried I wouldn't see them. A friend had gone on 4 tours and saw nothing. I was so lucky. It was amazing. I was so awed I actually cried. I said it was the cold wind, but really...

siljelingrasmo siljelingrasmo

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I see the Northern Lights almost every day! Cause I live in Tromsø in Norway. The Northern Ligth is not rare her :) If it's clear sky I can bet that you can see Aurora Borealis. 

Sheelee Sheelee

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It was actually.. Amazing!

rachnunn rachnunn

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breathtaking! awesome experience. i loved iceland and seeing one of the many natural wonders of the world! 

juliejo juliejo

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My hometown -   Not my photo 

yngvillsalvesen yngvillsalvesen

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 Went roadtripping in Tromsø, Norway. We were lucky to see the northern lights on our last night!

Dankirby85 Dankirby85

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We went on a cruise all the way up the coast of Norway. Whilst it was a good cruise, seas were very rough and my wife was pregnant. Needless to say she was not feeling well! Glad we finally got to see the northern lights though.

awc369 awc369

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Awe inspiringly beautiful. Known locally here as 'Mirrie Dancers'

Milou Milou

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no words...

sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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see the Norther lights during last eagle festival in Alaska. not the colorful kind of light , its kind of silver white, still breathtaking feel

camkins88 camkins88

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I first saw the northern lights on a trip to Iceland by myself on a group tour. The year after, Jimmy and I went to Iceland for our birthdays and one night as we were driving towards Reykjavik Jimmy was like, "what the hell is that" pulls over and this amazing light show happens right above our heads as the locals just drive on by. It was incredible, I've never seen Jimmy so excited.The year after

Cath63 Cath63

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We went to Iceland to see the lights with our youngest son and his wife. We stayed just out of Selfoss at Grimsborgir - such a wonderful location - about 45 minutes from Reykjavik.

We were lucky enough to see the lights on our first night, although the aurora level was only 2 and our brief window of opportunity was to last  1/2 an hour or so.

Iceland is an amazing country and we also travelled on the Golden Circle - seeing Gulfoss Waterfall, Ketid Crater, Geysir and most fun of all - snowmobiling on a glacier.


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