See the pyramids in Egypt

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Wow - what an incredible experience.  I have wanted to see the pyramids all my life.  The only thing I didn't get to do is ride a camel thereet .  However, I did get the chance to go down and touch the Sphinx! 

   In between the feet  of the Sphinx


row.azland row.azland

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They were magnificent..

Sadly, the state of the country was not so. People were begging for tourists to buy their stuff and some even went so far as to use extortion. 


revatar revatar

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 Took a walk in the Pyramids :)

for.anastasiya for.anastasiya

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 It happened at 2011. It was my first trip in Egypt and Israel.

AndreaCook AndreaCook

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Day 1Day 1 - UK - LuxorFly direct to Luxor to join your cruiseboat. The obliging crew will be waiting to welcome you aboard.Day 2Day 2 - Luxor - West Bank - EdfuVisit the famous Valley of the Kings, the Colossi of Memnon and the Temple of Queen Hatchepsut.What better way to begin your Nile cruise than by exploring one of Egypt's most famous archaeological sites, the hauntingly beautiful Valley of the Kings? The rocky crags and crevices of the Theban Hills play host to the tombs of over 700 pharaohs. It was within this desolate canyon that countless mummies were sealed in burial chambers as part of their journey to the 'afterlife'. Close by lies the breathtaking Temple of Queen Hatchepsut. Known in ancient times as the 'splendour of splendours', the shrine is carved into a solid rock face and is sure to fill you with awe. Complete your West Bank discoveries with a trip out to the Colossi of Memnon. These two gigantic enthroned figures have been attracting holidaymakers for centuries - they were a particular favourite with Greek and Roman visitors during antiquity.Day 3Day 3 - Edfu - Kom Ombo - AswanVisit one of the Nile's "must-see" sites - the mammoth Temple of Horus

Two enormous black granite falcons keep a lonely vigil at the entrance to the majestic Temple of Horus at Edfu. Devoted to the god of the sky, Horus, this ancient shrine is incredibly well preserved and provides a real insight as to how ancient Egyptian temples must have once looked in all their glory. Wander through the temple and imagine how it must have looked in its heyday during a festival adorned with flowers and scented with incense. Then, sailing on to Kom Ombo, explore the Temple of Sobek and Haroeris. Honouring the crocodile-headed god Sobek and the falcon-headed god Haroeris, the shrine boasts a symmetrical design. Make sure you take a look in on the Chapel of Hathor, home to some mummified crocodiles.Day 4Day 4 - AswanA visit to Aswan High Dam - Temple of Philae - Boat tripStanding at over 300ft tall, the Aswan High Dam is a true feat of modern engineering. Built during the 1960's, it used 18 times more material than the gargantuan Great Pyramid in Cairo. From the top of this immense barrage you can take in unbroken views out across Lake Nasser, the world's largest artificial lake. Nestled among its lush palm groves are a number of Nubian houses painted bright blue, pink and yellow.Day 5Day 5 - Aswan - EsnaVisit Abu Simbel - Nubian Village.Excursion out to Abu Simbel to see the towering figures of gods and pharaohs which adorn the facade of the Temple of Ramses II.Day 6Day 6 - Esna - Luxor: East Bank excursionBoasting immense pillars and steadfast pylons, the sandy-coloured remains of Luxor Temple perfectly complement the verdant banks of the Nile.The first thing that strikes you about Karnak Temple is its sheer size. Large enough to contain no fewer than 10 cathedrals and covering an area of over 100 acres, it's hard not to be bowled over by its enormity. Built over the course of thirteen centuries, the complex comprises three separate temples. Be sure not to miss the famous Great Hypostyle Hall, a forest of gigantic columns. Round off your day of sightseeing with a trip to Luxor Temple. Enjoying a romantic waterfront setting, the shrine stands proud in the heart of Luxor itself and nowadays incorporates a mosque and the remains of a Roman fort.Day 7Day 7 - Flight to CairoFlight to Cairo to see Tutankhamun, the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.Day 8Day 8 - Luxor - UKReturning to Luxor, your Nile cruise comes to an end. Return flight to the UK.

Lejackson Lejackson

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I want to visit the land of the kings see how amazing they are to think of how many people worked to make them a true beauty.

Yarahashimoto Yarahashimoto

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went with Teresa in December 2001. We had a camel ride around the pyramid site. It pays to firmly agree the price before you ride otherwise you will get ripped off.


medavidcook medavidcook

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See the pyramids back in 2010, planned to go Egypt but not Cario but then decided probably not going to come back so made the most of it. Have to say one of the best things in my life


yarroo1991 yarroo1991

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pimonsegg pimonsegg

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 Incredible phenomenons as is the Sphynx.

elliemaixx elliemaixx

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 Apart from the men trying to sell you anything or buy you from your group, the Pyraminds are a must see... they are so huge and it was an amazing experience... inside the pyramid its hot and a tight squeeze but well worth the visit!

rust.brad rust.brad

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 Stayed in the Giza Hotel very close to the pyramids

internationalhousecoimbra2 internationalhousecoimbra2

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 The pyramids were awesome. They are even bigger in real life. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicola.elizabethscott nicola.elizabethscott

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roland2 roland2

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We were visiting several times actually .. sometimes no tourists at all because of some bombing or war. 

 The nicest visit was with my friend Emad on horses

Mxxxxx Mxxxxx

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Done it, went inside too!


LGhaznawi LGhaznawi

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I never get to do it as a real tourist so no guide, no exploring .. etc. However, I enjoyed the view and the horseback riding there .. This brings great summer memories with family.


Joost Joost

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31 March, 2006

ReemElGabry ReemElGabry

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Every Day I see the pyramids I live near it :D 


stephh17 stephh17

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Went with Ben & his family in 2010. Brillaint holiday :) 

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