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jeff2981 jeff2981

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 I've been to the Redwoods several times, but last summer my son and I explored some areas that I had never seen, such as Fern Canyon, where some of Jurassic Park was filmed. We camped in two county parks, since the state and federal parks have jacked up the campsite fees to exorbitant levels--$35 per night for a tent site! The county parks are much less crowded, and both had huge redwood trees surrounding the campsites.

brittvilla brittvilla

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 The redwoods are so beautiful. There's a little trail my ex boyfriend showed me that I later took my family to. It is so peaceful and relaxing, taking a walk though there. I'm lucky to live nearby these beauties.

taylormarie213 taylormarie213

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 While visiting Hume Lake, I explored the redwoods by car and horseback four years apart.

taman44 taman44

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Tijdens de reis met een camper door Californie met zijn allen hand in hand langs de dikke bomen. 

jessica.w.rowan jessica.w.rowan

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These trees are so montruous, I just had to hug one (and hide in one)!


desroches.jonathan desroches.jonathan

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On a trip through California my parents and I visited a small Redwood forest about two hours from the coast. The air was fresh and forest peaceful...the best part was the drive. I'd recommend this to everyone.


Abigailjcopeland Abigailjcopeland

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 Went to Muir Woods while in Northern California for Thanksgiving with my family.

TianaM TianaM

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I was only 7 when I went, but I'm REALLY hoping to get back. Even as a kid, I was in awe by how beautiful and enchanting nature is!

maudelbers maudelbers

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Destoedash Destoedash

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 Squad took the west coast

potterhead1324 potterhead1324

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 I went when I was really young, maybe 7 or 8 years old. Though now I'm still only 13, I want to go back and get more pictures

marydelta marydelta

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 I have to go to visit the redwoods pretty regularly; they recharge my soul. 

ralanpentico ralanpentico

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 Words can't really describe the majesty and beauty of these trees. You have to see them for yourself which is a good reason to add them to your bucket list. 

chungmyu chungmyu

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Visited the bay area this summer, didn't get to Yosemite so we headed to Muir National Monument. Great place to see redwoods.



rlovett rlovett

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Muir Woods with Dave April 2019 

konakoffee77 konakoffee77

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Oh, this was great! I did this two summers ago, I believe. We drove down to Cali and on the way back up, we visited the redwood trees :D


wherethehellisvaldoo wherethehellisvaldoo

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These trees are enormous ! Not far from San Francisco by bikes.

magnusm magnusm

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A bonus would be to ride through the redwoods during the Southwest States motorcycle adventure!

AuramuseNZ AuramuseNZ

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The beautiful redwoods forest in Rotorua- And went back at night for the canopy walk 

paige.waters paige.waters

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 This was actually something my husband wanted to do, so I didn't realize it would be on my list until we got there.  It was amazing and beautiful.  Even our kids were impressed.

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