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CharlotteRushton CharlotteRushton

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 What an experience this was! My breath was taken away as we turned a corner and got to see the Taj Mahal for the first time. It really was magnificient, and after learning it's history, even more so. We went at dusk, and although it was cloudy, it was a spectacular sight and it wasn't as busy as I expected, so that made the experience even better! A must-do for any visitors to India. 

georgie.toft.1 georgie.toft.1

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Absolutely beautiful. 

chocogirl100800 chocogirl100800

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I have been to Taj Mahal when i was 12 yrs old with my family. It was worth it. Although now I wish to visit it at full moon night. That would be very beautiful, but it looked great even during day. It was very beautiful.

Not my photo, will upload mine soon :)

professor227 professor227

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Was in India in 2006 and had the chance to visit the Taj Mahal - a dream come true.  Truely an incredible experience.


Katschai Katschai

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Most beautiful building I have ever seen


rozeena.allie rozeena.allie

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Seen the magnificence of the Taj Mahal and all its splendour, experienced this with my husband sister and brother inlaw


IamJhonatanAlexander IamJhonatanAlexander

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 I saw the Taj Mahal with my friends in the park "Jaime Duque" LOL, that day It was very sunny.

HeatherHawks HeatherHawks

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 While on a missions trip to India in 2018 we got to take a day and go to Agra to see the Taj Mahal! The drive was about 4 hours there and 4 hours back to Jaipur. I was rather surprised because while the Taj Mahal is prisitne, the surrounding area was anything but. It was very crowded and trash was everywhere in Agra. 

You are not allowed to take any photos inside of the Taj Mahal, but it is beautiful. The marble and precious stones have been smoothed and shine in the sun. As a white woman, I had a lot of eyes on me and a lot of people would ask for my photo. (even if you may feel bad saying no, say no anyway. otherwise you will have 50 people lined up with their large families asking for photos with you.)

chayanikasood chayanikasood

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Being an Indian, the experience is totally different. I was lucky to have a foreigner visiting Taj Mahal with me and I got to see it from a totally different perspective.

The monument in itself is so grand that you cant look anywhere else once you are inside the gates. The very fact that it was constructed out of love is amazing! A love that strong must be worth experiencing for sure.

All in all, words arent enough to describe the place - its way too beautiful and must be experienced by everyone at least once!

Burgess8220 Burgess8220

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 We got there quite early but the place was buzzing with people like ants. It is a spectacular view, however I didn't really 'feel' it. It looked the same as what it did in the pictures and I didn't feel any overwhelming awe by seeing it in person. The people I were travelling with thought it was beautiful.

Walking up to the Taj Mahal you get to see the waterways and where there used to be fountains (I'm sure they're still there but they don't have all of them working for the tourists) and it was nice to imagine being there when it was first built, walking through the surrounding trees and gardens.

It is beautifully made with extremely intricate marble artworks around the building, but there's not much to see inside. 

The trip was also somewhat ruined by Indian men following me around, taking pictures without asking, staring, pointing and laughing, and generally just being horrible people. There were a few people that approached me and asked me for pictures to which I happily obliged. But there were times when I felt very unsafe around some of those men.

patstew patstew

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 Just an amazing place.

lynne_docherty1983 lynne_docherty1983

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April 2018


vmroberts vmroberts

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 Stunningly beautiful

azure973 azure973

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The Taj Mahal is an amazing piece of architecture and a beautiful building. Unfortunately we didn't make it to the sunset viewing, but being there for sunrise was absolutely worth it.


TiKri15 TiKri15

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The Taj Mahal is very beautiful.


yotaka.rodpothong yotaka.rodpothong

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One of seven world wonders 

Incredible. Beautiful. Spectacular.  

Collymarps Collymarps

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There’s so much said about the Taj Mahal, so many superlatives, so many poetic descriptions, and often, things are never as good as you hope they’ll be. But this was.

From the minute you board the electric bus to be taken to the gateway (no polluting vehicles are allowed within the vicinity of the Taj) there is a palpable sense of excitement.

Through the security gates, where any food, drink (and as my other half discovered to his horror tiny teddy bears) are confiscated, to the epic gate way.

Then we were there, admittedly it was still foggy to begin with . . . But it was still amazing!!!!!! It is hard to put into words how it feels to be stood in front of one of the most iconic buildings in the world.

Then the fog cleared and there it was in all its glory.

Check out some pics here

pjofan6486348 pjofan6486348

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One word- HOT!


samthenomad samthenomad

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Dont get a guide, read the books on all the cool architectural significance first, though!


monica.panjwani monica.panjwani

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