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makeit.anyway makeit.anyway

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 At my work we sell this adorable little message in a bottle kit. I had wanted to use them for a very long time but never really had an excuse. That is until I went to Ecuador. Ecuador is on the ocean and I knew that they actually had the potential to float away somewhere if I threw them in while I was there. So I sent out 3 little messages which I'm sure ended up right back at the same shore as where I set them off but it was still a ton of fun. 

adorjan.illes adorjan.illes

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It was really cool. Next time I should take a gps device inside the bottle, in order to know where it is swimming :)


ekatz1996 ekatz1996

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I put my email address in the botttle hoping for a response. And I got one from a little girl whos uncle had found the bottle. She put it out again for more people to find! 

elfen elfen

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Send a message from one of the beaches south of Aarhus. I fear it won't go any further than back to Aarhus but hopefully it'll go somewhere else. :) 01/5/13: A 12 years old girl found my message in a bottle and send me an email. She was fishing wit hher father when she found it, only a km or so from where I send it off. 

Cláudio Brito Cláudio Brito

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This was actually a very cool thing to do, I wrote the message in Portuguese and in English just in case.

Best case scenario someone will find it someday and try to make contact, worst case scenario it will disappear forever, whatever happens it was very cool thing to do.


Pickles Pickles

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My daughter and I wrote a message, placed it in a bottle and then sealed the lid with wax. We floated the bottle out to sea from Sydney.

We left an email address on the message, so I hope someone somewhere finds the note and responds. We will have to wait and see.


srblake77 srblake77

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I live like 4 miles from Lake Erie (98% of my life), and my grandmother owned a huge house with 40 feet of yard leading to a cliff down to the Lake. My youngest sister and I wrote a letter with Gran's address and said where we were from, who we were and if anyone ever found our bottle to write us and tell us. It must have sunk...

KenzeeB KenzeeB

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Dear friend, our courier is the sea.

supriyaj1105 supriyaj1105

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Done on 18.12.2014


Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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Can't wait if someone contacts me! 

Itsowen Itsowen

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I went back and forth on what to put my msg in for the longest time, but I eventually decided on a treasure box cause that's so much cooler. I wrote my msg on antique paper and covered it with clear tape.

Originally, I wanted to use a bottle and throw it into the ocean, but since I was doing a 14er with friends, I just decided to bury it on the summit next to a homemade flag!

The peak is very popular so hopefully someone finds it. I instructed them to email me and perhaps take it along with them to their next adventure. They can send it off and another person can find it. I wanted to see how far this thing travels.


WaywardChild WaywardChild

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Went to the river with my brother and threw the bottle. Maybe it'll reach the Black Sea or maybe somebody will find it and read it. I wrote the message in English, just in case.

sarika sarika

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When me and my friend started our journey for Goa, India, we made this plan weeks ago that we have to send a message in a bottle. She printed one of our picture together. 

We wrote individual message over the picture and placed that in a wine bottle. Reaching the place from where we can throw the bottle was an adventure, sun was setting and we were making our path to get down to that place, we were on a hill and sea was quite far. There was no man made passage to reach to that place, somehow we managed to reach that place through bushes and stones.

That moment was perhaps the most memorable event I could ever cherish, there was a smile on our face!


jpatr1d jpatr1d

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So I rated this experience with a 3 because although my message in a bottle had lovely context the process was a little drawn out. I sent the bottle on its way and it took 8 trys to get it to go on its way. The waves kept sending it back to me. It was hot and i started to get a little frustrated on the 8th attempt I sent it on its way and walked hoping someone else would find it. The message was very uplifting a d my hopes are for someone who needs a pick me up finds it:)

dariennelester dariennelester

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My beloved boyfriend and I wrote out this stupid message on white paper with red ink and we put that we were stuck on an island surviving from monkey feces and pretending to be walruses. We also included a list of items that we would need. Then we signed the bottom with fake names and rolled it up and cut the ends off and put it into a bottle. We threw it into the Embrass River at the Peterson Park canoe ramp! lol :) 

harpy-eagle harpy-eagle

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I sent a message in a bottle in Cape Cod, but a fisherman found it almost a year later in the same bay! It was still cool, though. 


Dooha Dooha

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احساس جميل جدا انى اكتب رساله فيها كل ال جوايا وارميها فى البحر من غير مااحدد انا بعتها لمين

​رمتها وانا راكبة البنانا بوت فى شاطى الغرام فى مطروح 

احساس حلو اوووووى

Teodora03 Teodora03

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" If you ever find this, please remember that everyone has troubles in dealing with life. You can make it ! Find that thing which makes you want to keep going ! I hope your life will be the best and if not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again. 


a stranger who cares. ♥ "

ZoZo ZoZo

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Daddy and I wrote a message and put it in a old wine bottle. Our message has our email address on it. I really hope someone finds the bottle and sends a message back.


eyybeebeewaii eyybeebeewaii

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May 09, 2014. Around 10PM. I gave this to someone special. :)

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