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bluenwild bluenwild

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Found a hot spring in New Zealand that cascaded down some waterfalls.<3 What a perfect natural hot shower! It was the best discovery a camping backpacker like me could have made. It felt like heaven! I can only recommend!

Te Te

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Another unexpected crossed-out goal.

Went to Laguna for a family outing. Originally planning to go to Pansol but went to Pagsanjan instead. Pagsanjan is famous for its falls but while we were at the resort, we found out that the boat ride to and from Pagsanjan Falls costs P1,250 per person. It is too expensive so we scrapped the idea of going and decided to just enjoy the swimming pools. But on our last day at the resort, my uncle asked my grandmother if she wanted to go to the falls and she said she'd come if I'd go with them too. I didn't have money but my mother volunteered to pay for it because she knows how much I wanted to see waterfalls. See, I love my family! 

The journey to and from the falls took almost 2 hours but hearing, seeing and feeling the gushing water was worth it. 

Upon reaching the great Pagsanjan Falls, we rode a "balsa" and passed under it into a small cave. The water was really falling hard on us but it wasn't painful. It was like a massage, a really hard massage as my grandmother says. 

We encountered a lot of tourists on our way back to the resort. We observed that the Koreans (they looked like Koreans) hardly smiled back while the Americans and fellow Filipinos were more friendly as they smiled, waved and said hello to us.

gysvanbrussel gysvanbrussel

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 What a feeling

bjoerne bjoerne

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After founding this wish in a card game it was on our list. In Pai in Thailand we finally had the opportunity. It was great and refreshing.

I wrote a German article about our trip to Pai:

warrior_mik warrior_mik

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in the middle of joungle in belize


margiaah margiaah

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Mantrayupan Falls was our next stop after MOalboal. I was with the same company :)

hvas89 hvas89

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 Visited the beautiful Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu, Philippines on June 12, 2015

alyssakamps alyssakamps

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I visited my family in Ambon, the Moluccan Islands for the first time. And on the Island Ambon you will find several hidden Water Falls. I showered in 2 of them. It was pretty exciting. And just today I realised it was on my bucket list. 

keme keme

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 In Banos Ecuador

deurbelletje deurbelletje

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It was just the best feeling of freedom.


Susie Susie

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We went to Spain on holiday last year and spent a day at the waterfalls.  The water was freezing as it came from the melting snow cap of a mountain but wonderfully refreshing on a hot day.

JuKarasawa JuKarasawa

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I've went to Goiânia for an academic congress and during our free day we went with an excursion to Pirinópolis, which is a city known for the beautiful waterfalls. Of course we had to dip in!

kaydynicole kaydynicole

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i was with a couple friends and we flew to Puerto Rico and we went to the rainforest and swam and showered in the waterfall  :) it was so much fun

australis82 australis82

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When I was in Central Australia in 1999, we all showered under JimJim Falls in Kakadu. Fantastic!

dantom0710 dantom0710

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haideelou haideelou

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Waterfall in Vanuatu . NEED to spend the whole day bathing in the waterfall. 

NatureGoddess420 NatureGoddess420

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Rubicon River every year on Jeepers Jamboree, it's the only shower available! The waterfall is cold, but so clean!

pwhitak pwhitak

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You get the opportunity to do this all over South Africa. Times I remember are in Wilderness on a Kloofing tour, Mpumalanga, and during many hikes I've down in the Western Cape in SA.  Also Koh Samui in Thailand.

smithyboy smithyboy

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When I was 16, I hiked parts of South Africa and one day found a waterfall and couldn't resist

Fiercekoala4 Fiercekoala4

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This again, was not as fun as it sounds.  It was actually hard to do and kinda gross.  We hiked in the rainforest until we got to this watefall. 

The guide gave me a ginger plant so squeeze out (use as shampoo) when we got there, but he said to make sure that I washed it out thoroughly...

It didn't smell very good, but it is good for the hair and they do use it Paul Mitchell and several other products so I figured I would try...

The waterfall was very tall and not too heavy of a fall.  It was easy to climb over to get to it and touch it draping down from high above. 

I only used a little bit of the ginger and tried not to drench myself completely because we had a long hike back and I was already getting attacked my mosquitos.

It was funny, but I wouldn't do it again...not really worth the hassle...

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