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ElinLouise ElinLouise

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 I went to a weekend conference and in the evenings there were a lot of fun events. One of them was a karaoke night. I had never sung karaoke before despite actually being able to sing somewhat decently. My best friend was with me and dragged me up on stage and played Summer Love from Grease. It was awkward and weird and our voices were not perfect but gods was it fun! We tried again an hour later with another song and were awesome! Definitely an experience and an evening I will treasure and remember

GuttersnipeRebecca GuttersnipeRebecca

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 I wish my friend had recorded it but...Anyway, it's taken me 7 years to mark this off because I am not a fan of being center stage BUT this was in fact soooo much fun!!! I absolutely can not wait to do it again. I sang Lesley Gore's "You don't own me" and I OWNED IT!!!!

No matter how scared you are DO IT....JUST DO IT

Smiz Smiz

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Who doesnt love to sing songs at a party or wedding :P i cant resist! 

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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 I sang karaoke on this stage with my sister on our way back from Tallinn. I was so terrified, I'm so afraid of singing publicly but it was in my list of things to accomplish this year so I was so happy that I managed to win myself!

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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September 2003


LisaC13 LisaC13

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Ya I'm going to need to be suuuuuper drunk for this one to happen..

...aaaaaaand I was lol



marki marki

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Never thought that I would ever do that.

Jumping off a cliff? Sure!

Swimming with sharks? Yeahh, why not.

But Karaoke?????

TianaW TianaW

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OHHH BOY! First off, I was obviously drunk. It was my brother's birthday, so I decided since I'm recently 21, I should celebrate more than him... I ended up singing "Feliz Navidad" in the middle of September with a Darth Vader mask on and TWERKING! AHHHHHHHHH !!! lmao I will also add, I managed to trap myself in the stall; therefore, had to climb out underneath. Furthermore, the next day in my "recent google searches" on my Smartphone, I discovered that I had googled "Harry Potter spells"... It was a great night.

ErwinsEmmertje ErwinsEmmertje

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 En niet zomaar even, neee, 'lul Eddy' stond even voor een beginnerspubliekje van duizenden mensen, drank en drugs was nog nooit zo mooi vertolkt als die avond in samenwerking met de Tante Joke Karaokeband!

JaimeeBell JaimeeBell

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This happened on a very drunken night at the Blackhawks Convention in front of like 200 people. 


song - Save a Horse Ride A Cowboy

KimmiePooh KimmiePooh

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We were singing Karaoke when it was my brother's birthday :)

dlord dlord

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For my 30th Birthday we had Karaoke brought to the house and I was able to Karaoke for the first time with my family and friends

eodle09 eodle09

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On my 21at birthday I attempted to song karaoke and it was terrible but I did it!

arkkipiispa arkkipiispa

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June - 2011

I am, by far, the most terrible singer there is. I just can't sing. And I especially don't like to sing to any kind of an audience. That's why this bucket took this much time to be filled. At the age of 22 I finnaly got the courage to sing in front of an audience. Since that I have sung three times, and it gets more terrifying every time I step up to the stage.

raesaysgoforit raesaysgoforit

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I was a bit intoxicated (hence the bravery to sing in public in the first place) and almost forgot about it, until reminded by the friends who had accompanied me during the song. I crossed it off but am still aspiring to make a solo debut one day. My favorite part? Our song was Men AT Work's 'The Land Down Under' and we sang at a club in Australia.

SamsBucket87 SamsBucket87

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Sang "Baby Got Back" in Long Beach Island.

TheMamulas TheMamulas

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This would not have been possible without alcohol...And I hope it never happens again. AAAAH! I can't sing!

tdm1976 tdm1976

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I did this once, and probably will not ever do it again.  HAHAHA 

karissalynn karissalynn

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I sang karaoke with derek in florida :)

r_aileen87 r_aileen87

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Every weekend in S. Korea!

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