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Sing karaoke

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krosetaylor krosetaylor

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Did this in Chile for the first time. Loved. it.

Melodjm Melodjm

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 We rented a karaoke room in Austin Tx!

boobybabs1987 boobybabs1987

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Sang spandau ballet-gold with Laura

kami.m.pollvogt kami.m.pollvogt

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 I've done this a few times, even though I suck its a bunch of fun.

yfy888 yfy888

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2007, very oftern with 1st year uni friends (AIESEC gathering)

2009 with cousins in Malaysia  

Ratte_rockt Ratte_rockt

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Bereits in An Sibin in Darmstadt ausgeführt ;)



Marcel Marcel

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Casa Chespi (Chespireoke)

nsmithy130 nsmithy130

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Oh, boy. Up at a summer camp, me and a couple friends really got into jamming out on the Karaoke Machine. So much so, that the adult leaders decided it was in the best interest of the group if the Karaoke Machine just happened to "disappear" overnight. Karaoke is some serious bonding time.

Hannaheeps Hannaheeps

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Sang Karaoke in a giant Karaoke club in Beijing 

QuirkyCuriousity QuirkyCuriousity

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have to be very drunk and in a crowd, but did this freshman year numerous times.

kanga79 kanga79

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My bon voyage party leaving VA in 2009- yikes.

grantwbakernz grantwbakernz

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I want to sing karaoke in front of an audience........gawd, this is going to be embarrassing!!! lol

ember ember

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With Lindsey and her friend, I forget her name already.. It was fun tho! Sang lily allen's "The Fear", Thriller, and rapped jb's Baby haha. Good times, tho...

Maartje Maartje

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Finally, i did it at last. I gave the bar my version of 'bohemian rapsody' and hoped for the best. Everyone was singing and shouting along and I had the time of my life. I felt like a real stage tiger.

MelissaS120710 MelissaS120710

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Johnny Rockets!

hasoooob hasoooob

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i hired out a private karaoke room for a whole bunch of friends to just let loose and SINGG!

the place was decked out with couches and plasma tvs, microphones, flshng lights and even percussion instruments! SO MUCH FUN!

..... the more friends joining in the BETTER :D 


-chaplin karaoke bar, melbourne, vic, australia<a;current=230919_10150180811887001_565777000_7385333_7879814_n.jpg

Soap3rz Soap3rz

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I like to sing, but am terrified of singing in public.


I went to a Karaoke bar with friends and no one there would sing. I went up first with two others and sang a Spice Girls song. It was fun and I laughed through it, but I was shaking pretty terribly when I sat down. I went up again to sing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot with a friend. I still shook, but not as much. Again, I went up and sang Enrique Iglesias's Escape with a friend, our friends recorded us. I was feeling better about it. I went up one last time to sing by myself picking my favorite Disney song from Hercules, I Won't Say (I'm In Love). I was still embaraseed through the whole thing, but I'm proud of myself for not only singing by myself, but going up at least 4 times. I still ended up going home early though, my stomach wasn't taking to well to all the anxiety. ;]


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