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bluenwild bluenwild

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 My boyfriend and I went to natural hot springs in New Zealand. Since they were quite far to find, we were already out of reach for an easy access to our bathing clothes in our car. Therefore we simply jumped into the hot pools naked. :) It was a great choice eventhough there were tons of mosquitos. haha

kayarrjay kayarrjay

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 It's always nice being naked with your friends... though I've seen my female friends naked quite a bit already haha.

Nasu Nasu

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Fuuun, and so exhilarating! 

suli.sari suli.sari

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I've done it twice. First time it was during a school trip in a river really close to the main road... Not a very private place. Second time it was during my party trip to Zrce with my Erasmus friends.

kirstenholmes98 kirstenholmes98

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 While at camp this summer (2018) a friend and I went swimming in the lake at the beach and while there took the opportunity to tick something of our bucket lists as it was somethingneither of us had done.   

I actully found the experience rather freeing and wuld definitely recommend it.

shahna.christine shahna.christine

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I wen't on a trip with an old boyfriends family. They had a cottage on Five Mile Lake. Which I do not remember where that is. But I went skinny dipping with him and his sister. It was the middle of summer in the middle of a lake. 

I have been skinny dipping a couple times since. It's not really something you can do a lot. 


atle.frydenlund atle.frydenlund

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 The best way to enjoy a swim. Picture taken at Lindesnes lighthouse, at the southernmost tip of Norway.

Hatch Hatch

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 No comment...but everyone should definitely try it. The joy of skinny dipping can't be described. Enough said. 

emma.beynon08 emma.beynon08

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My boyfriend and I do this occasionally in our pool.

lovestrengh lovestrengh

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Hedonism ii changed my life and after a week of being completely naked I found myself again. 

happy_penguin81 happy_penguin81

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It was exhilarating! It was a cold night in the warm Atlantic Ocean.

cidney98 cidney98

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By myself while waiting for a pie to bake :)

caycoop caycoop

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It was SOOOO LIBERATING!! I remember back stroking looking up at the was in a apartment complex (before bedtime :) neighbors walked by to do their laundry! I hopped the fence with just a towel on, got stuck, and fell over! VERY PAINFUL! would def do it again tho!

rissa_b rissa_b

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lalu lalu

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Last summer :)

elliecm elliecm

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I was with 5 of my friends, and we were in the backyard pool of 3 of them. 

Cherish Cherish

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I really hope this isn't flagged as inappropriate o.o I just wanna try it lol

HazzyDee HazzyDee

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Did this in Cyprus in 2007, it was amazing! Want to do again!

kboerner kboerner

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I convinced my friends to go skinny-dipipng in the ocean on the first night of the senior trip!

NatureGoddess420 NatureGoddess420

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Quiet Wisconsin lake in the summer! Perfect!

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