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j-ioane j-ioane

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My number 1 addiction. First jump was in Queenstown, NZ.

My instructor was Kras and photographer was Duke. Amazing, brilliant men!


colleen.cline.12 colleen.cline.12

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  Did it in Lodi, CA.  Been there, done that - not doing it again.  Went up in an old 1952 plane (and I think the pilot was just as old).  Figured it was safer jumping out than landing in it.  Instructors were nice.  Did it tandum, so they "roll" you out.  Free fall for 60 seconds.  Prayed the shoot opened.  Glad I did it, especially since I'm afraid of hights.

Travis_Bonneteau Travis_Bonneteau

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 This is a must do for everyone! What a thrill!

hh610 hh610

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Im afraid of heights so this was a massive challenge for me. To make it more difficult I am quite over weight and weighted 2 stones or 12.5 kg more than what was allowed needing to lose a lot of weight. I lost the weight and I completing the jump! Oh ye!


natasha.coe natasha.coe

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I jumped out of a plane a 10,000ft for an amazing charity called Dementia UK which helps people with dementia and their families. I raised nearly £500 for the great charity and Im so happy I could be involved in an amazing experince like ths. 

angelfire_laura angelfire_laura

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Cedric Cedric

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 Military Friendly, Great Deals, Awesome Jump, Good People!

elliefisher elliefisher

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14th birthday with harry


nickscho nickscho

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OZ 14! 

a.e.j.starling a.e.j.starling

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October, 2008. One of the best experiences of my life.

emmaluiselomas emmaluiselomas

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13 September 2014

leilacarmel leilacarmel

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 Went skydiving with Jereme, Josh & Mojdeh a few months before I got married. It was exhilerating and one of the best experiences of my life!

charliexx333 charliexx333

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The best experience of my life thus far! I went in Cairns, Australia and I got to see the Ocean! Plus is was with my best friend! Couldn't ask for a better experience!<3

chrjamjon chrjamjon

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Such a crazy, crazy experience... I was so nervous in the lead up to this day - literally for days I was doubting whether I should even do it, and worried that there might be massive consequences (i.e. that i might die!!!!). After saying my goodbyes, I was most definitely on my way...


Up we went... 2,000 feet came and went (I'm sure by this point that we are already too high).....then at 12,000 feet (after I'd checked three or four times that I was definitely attached to my instructor) the doors ricketed open....and off went the first guy! He went so fast that I got slightly scared....then it was my go and off I went!!!! Tumbling away was amazing- loved it- and then hurtling towards the ground doing "Simon says" was absolutely awesome!!!! 

Once the parachute was deployed, I even got to pull the controls myself! Literally an awesome feeling controlling a parachute way up in the sky. The views over the Gower were absolutely stunning too!

Down towards the ground and it was all over too soon. What a fantastic day though! One I will certainly never forget!

marki marki

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This is so fuckin awesome! Have to get a skydiving licence to do that 10938932809 times a day!


missameliabrook missameliabrook

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Did my first jump on my 18th birthday for Macmillian Cancer charity and then did my first solo skydive in March 2014!


jonny.lindsay.5 jonny.lindsay.5

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 Jumped from a plane at Burnaby Skydive overtop lake Erie. 

Ntruman91 Ntruman91

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I bought myself a skydiving ticket for my 24th birthday!.. 10'000 ft tandem jump landing on the beach down south in Busselton, Western Australia through Southern Skydivers; Instructors name was Glenn and he was fun,knowledgeable and professional...including the rest of their wonderful team! This was a truly mind blowing experience and am making sure this becomes atleast a yearly event!

This world continues to amaze me

jocelyngrace jocelyngrace

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Ever since I was a kid I was a thrill seeker always looking for the next best thing to challenge myself. Obviously skydiving is something challenging that should be on everyone's bucket list (or life list as I prefer to call it...bucket list sounds so morbid) thus it was at the top of my list.

When I was in Florida on a Cross-country USA Roadtrip with my mates, I decided to sign up for a spontaneous skydive. There I was at the skydiving place the next day getting ready to jump out of an airplane at 18,000 ft and I was not nervous one bit. Actually I thought the whole experience was bit lame. It's not that I didn't enjoy it, but it wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I was hoping to get the same adrenaline rush that you get from bungee jumping or riding on a rollercoaster - you know, that feeling of having your heart in your throat - but it wasn't like that at all. It's hard to explain the feeling but you feel weightless in a way. You are moving so fast but the air hits you really hard that it feels like you are just floating in one space. Which probably would have been cool is I wasn't wearing shorts and my harness wasn't chafing my maybe that was the bigger problem.

Either way, I checked this bad boy off my bucket list...and would I do it again? Yeah I probably would...but I would NOT wear shorts.

Josiecapllonch Josiecapllonch

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