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Steph_C Steph_C

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Best vacation I've had in a long time. Great experience, very relaxing, beautiful place. I am planning to do this again in the near future.

egodeath egodeath

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 Spiders everywhere.

Basilrose Basilrose

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 I have always been fascinated with treehouses but didn't want to rough it, so when I found this one I booked it.  It is on the Big Island of Hawaii near the volcano.  It has a functioning kitchen and bathroom.  No roughing here.  It was a truly memorable stay.

gysvanbrussel gysvanbrussel

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 at the wildwater lodge, most remote hotel ever ! 😳

lizhuang lizhuang

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Imagine a fertile valley surrounded by snow-peaked mountains, blooming wild flowers and magnificent sunshine. I took a roadtrip with friends to Tulbagh, a historic Boland village nestled in a picturesque valley.

Our Treehouse had a private balcony overlooking the "game field" with Zebras, Wildebeest and Springboks (deers). Waking up to birds chirping and view of the magnificent mountain range... There was even a fresh deli where you can order picnic baskets, or pick up jams & preserves for a casual walk in surrounding orchards. Incredible experience <3

lauracamposg lauracamposg

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 For out 8th year anniversary I decided to plan a getaway to this magical place. My husband is a fan of the Treehouse Masters show and when I found out they have a small bed & breakfast outside of Seattle I could not have imagined my luck. The place is not only beautiful but the amenities are 5 star or above. I dream of the day we can return during a different season so we can experience this beautiful place all over again

meenakshi.talukdar.1 meenakshi.talukdar.1

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Annual Learning Conference -2015 at GPTW!


atle.frydenlund atle.frydenlund

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Ryncovine Ryncovine

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 I slept in a treehouse when I was growing up that belonged to my friend, Richard Burleson.  We would sneak out after dark and get into trouble.

DeeDee. DeeDee.

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It was so cool. I slept in a tree house with my sisters and we brought snacks and drinks. We slept in the tree house for 3 days and we all agreed that we would do it again some day when we're older.


meghan.benson.16 meghan.benson.16

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Not as fun as it sounds.

LadyMoonstone1 LadyMoonstone1

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I slept in my brothers tree house but I got so cool I went back in the house.


jhomerj33 jhomerj33

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Its always to look back at beeing a kid. 


gayenur gayenur

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olimpos kadir's top tree houses


benedikt.kestner benedikt.kestner

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Did that as a child. We forgot to switch off the light, before start playing outside. When we were back all arount in the room at the lights were carpet moths.

Balmpje Balmpje

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And what a treehouse a south african one with my four boys!!


bjoerne bjoerne

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I'd like to sleep in a tree house. It seems that there are a lot of people having the wish and there are already holiday offers. But these offers seem to be luxury and not what I have in my mind.

wildchild87 wildchild87

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Beautiful bungloo in monkey Island 

guitargibbets guitargibbets

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A friend had a pretty awesome treehouse where I grew up.  It had electricity and everything.


elsiemariew elsiemariew

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 My dad build my sister and I an amazing tree house that we slept in often.

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