Sleep on a trampoline

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sanne.broekhuizen.9 sanne.broekhuizen.9

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It was at a party from Jesse-zé and it was cosy and all but... SO FREAKING COLD! haha The alcohol can only keep you warm for so long..


sashadiane sashadiane

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 I will never forget our first trampoline. Upon returning from a camping weekend, myself and my brother got told to go and look in the garden. And there it was, a 10ft beauty beckoning us over. Shortly after, came another surprise. My mother had purchased a 'trampoline tent' which I believe was probably the coolest thing in existence at that time. I had friends round to sleep inside it on numerous occasions that summer, and it was incredible. Although, comfort wise was quite difficult to adapt to as once you were in a comfortable position, you would slide ever so slowly into the middle of the trampoline.

extraterrastrial extraterrastrial

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I did this at a sleepover when I was like 12. Would recommend. The four of us stared at the stars and got pretty existential. Although, loss of a single star rating because when I woke up the sun was right in my face.

(Guesstimating on the date)

steven_succar steven_succar

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didn't get much sleep 

jesscrayne jesscrayne

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It was the birthday of a friend of mine where we ate pizza, talked and laughed till the sun set. As there wasn't enough room for all of us in just one room, we decided it would be fun to sleep outside, under the stars. Jumping on the trampoline, one of my friends had the idea to sleep on it instead of the cold ground. So we took all of our stuff and lied down. It was super comfy but since I lay in the middle and everyone slid against or onto me, I didn't get a lot of sleep. So guys, if you do this don't lay in the middle! :D

alisonbpitcher alisonbpitcher

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 Did this many years ago with my good friend and neighbor. It's a lot of fun but isn't exactly that different from just sleeping outside. 

banditleap11 banditleap11

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One of the last things I got to do with one of my best friends before she moved across the country for a while. There's nothing like a good ole' tramp sleepover to bring back some memories. And of course the stargazing was a lovely addition.


TopFrog TopFrog

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In Danny b’s garden in the 90’s


3elieve221b 3elieve221b

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(Not my picture) I think it must have been my friend's birthday when I completed this goal. We didn't stay out for the full night because mother nature likes to bless the British Isles with glorious rain! (I'm being sarcastic btw XD) But we stayed out there for a good 2-3 hours and in that period I saw my first ever shooting star. In fact I saw quite a few and every time I made the same wish. Obviously I can say what that said wish was because otherwise it won't come true, according to myths but Im going to trust these myths. ;)


ellekling ellekling

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 When I was 10, my dad set up our trampoline in our living room (my mom didn't approve :). We slept on it all the time until we had to take it down a few months later! [email protected]

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several times! 

MarkDM MarkDM

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lmc131 lmc131

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 Ahhh, childhood.

neishrox1997 neishrox1997

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 My sister and I use to have sleepovers at a friends house and we would sleep outside if it was a nice night. and we'd watch to star until we fell asleep

chassidy_jewel chassidy_jewel

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In North Carolina, me, Cameron, and his friend Joe decided it would be bad-ass if, since our trampoline at a net, if we put bed sheets over the top of it and clothespinned them together, and took a whole bunch of food out on the trampoline and camp out there. 

SavannahF SavannahF

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Technically we didn't sleep, but we stayed up on it till 4 in the morning until mom made us come in. It was me, Travis, and Kennedy. I remember Kennedy kept talking to Austin on her iPod. It was the summer of 2012 or 2011 I think...

silly_adriana silly_adriana

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fuuun <3

mianeseth mianeseth

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With a friend of mine, when I was 12 years old.

liddosammi liddosammi

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It would be fun and comfy if me and one of my friends slept on a trampoline with pillows and blankets .

AmandaLaura AmandaLaura

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Mette and I did it at the age of 12  

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