Sleep under the stars on the beach

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ve6ticaya_97 ve6ticaya_97

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 vodka and marijuana... wow <3 I will always remember this summer



emmysadventures emmysadventures

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Did this a while back, it was a great experience, I'd definitely love to do it again.


saha.aishwarya saha.aishwarya

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 Six of us stayed in an isolated Island for a night. One of the best experiences of my life!

anna3098 anna3098

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Climbing trees and flailing limbs 

The stubborn will, to reach the top 

brands us with scars 

as we fall off 


The crashing waves 

The warmth of sand 

We lay on the rocks 

that mark the shore 


One step forward 

we will be engulfed 

The salty water 

filling our mouth 


Laying there 

Rocks digging into my back 

Muddy fingers 

Clay pots in hand 


Sizzling meat on the barbecue 

warm scent of pizza 

flooding the air 

with music blaring in our ears 


The sun goes down 

and stars dot the sky 

The gentle breeze 

making leaves fly 


Damp hair filled with salty sea 

Piles of shells laying next to me 

Giggles fill the air 

Laughter engulfs the night 


Laying there on the rocks 

Singing along to our favorite song 

I wish on the brightest star 

in the dark sky 


That this summer 

would last me 



pitchergeneva pitchergeneva

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We wanted to enjoy the summer vacation so me and my colleagues went to the beach :) We wanted to get away from the noise of the city and be able to relax and have fun. Travelling was very difficult since we did backpacking. There were a lot of vehicle transfers and the trip lasted for 4 hours. There weren't any bathrooms as well. But the trip was worth it we get island hop and had fun sleeping in tents under the sky :)


EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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I did this with three of my friends and it was really fun, naming constellations and laughing together. We did it at a small beach far from any cities, so the sky looked really amazing. The sand did get everywhere though, and that was kind of annoying.

Reiko Reiko

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Slept in many places, the most recent is in Gavdos, a small greek island under Crete. Slept every single night on the sand with a sleepy bag, under the summer sky full of stars at Ai-Giannis and at Lavrakas beach. The photo is taken from Ai-Giannis beach the last morning on the island that i had just woke up.


travel_with_nea travel_with_nea

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Me and my friends sleept on the beach under the stars in Hawaii. It was so beautiful but very cold! I must have seen at least 8 falling stars, so I wished for new goals to come true! 

ZiaSoriano_ ZiaSoriano_

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We literally slept under the stars on the beach, we just put “banig” lay there till we fall asleep and the next thing we know the water’s touching are toes already!


Ciois Ciois

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 I lived for 19 years in Sardinia, so I often slept at the beach, with friends. It really is something magical to see.

sarah1777 sarah1777

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Camped at Assateague. Mid night the horses wandered up to our tent and scared the crap out of us. The bugs were beyond horrible. And sand without a shower is not super fun.


elektrofisk elektrofisk

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Me and my family went camping one night on an island called Ålö. We biked our way there and the whole trip was just perfect.

We slept in a tent on the edge of the forest, just a few meters from the water. There was a water pump a bit in to the forest that supplied us with fresh water. It was a perfect family trip just to experience something new.

kkaatthh kkaatthh

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 Wasn't able to take a good photo of the stars that night. it was a good and memorable night tho.

negative_creep_96 negative_creep_96

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 Amazing feeling and amazing scene *.*

pk1770 pk1770

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Mystic feeling, only seahore sound. Wind flowing past your face and eyes gazing at vast endless beach, and stars above, makes you think to about what life is.

sarahhares sarahhares

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In Tunisa wheni was 16

UhLeeShuhDawn UhLeeShuhDawn

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 Tents in empty river bed

jessica.horner jessica.horner

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Fraser Island, Australia. Blooody freezing

yfy888 yfy888

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New Year camp in Gisborne

ahaha830 ahaha830

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 In Rügen 2012, an der Küste auf der Stranddecke in der Nacht  unter den Sternen liegen, ist wunderschön <3

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