Stand in the Sistine Chapel

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bluenwild bluenwild

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It was oh my fucking gosh so CROWDED!!! I have never experienced anything like it, not even in the Louvre with the Mona Lisa, but the chapel is magnificient indeed! I would not want to miss this experience. 

Beth_young Beth_young

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 Unfortunately your not aloud to take photos in the Sistine chapel so this is from one of the earlier points in the day 

sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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 Most amazing chapel, breath taking place 

Urmel Urmel

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Unfortunately most of our Rome fotos got lost due to a damaged SD card. The foto above is not showing the Sistine Chapel but one of the very picturesque ceilings in the Vatican museum. When you walk through with all the other tourists your tour ends up in the highlight: The Sistine Chapel.  


KiwiiLady KiwiiLady

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Visited Rome in 2015, went on a tour of the Vatican City. Really interesting and almost strange to be there since I've only ever seen it in movies before.


JDSoliday JDSoliday

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I know you're not supposed to take photos here.  My apologies to anyone who is offended by this.  I couldn't help myself, it was just so beautiful!


AgressicaLynne AgressicaLynne

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This was amazing! I wasn't really a fan of Rome but this was definately one of the highlights. You are not suppose to take pictures but I was able to snap a couple, without a flash, and they came out pretty well!

mattr54321 mattr54321

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Family trip to Rome in October 2010. Took a sneaky photo of the chapel!

bjoern bjoern

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- for over 5 hours with my friend Max!


dargirl dargirl

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A masterpiece~

Melodz Melodz

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A Little overrated. 

pacingbreakfast pacingbreakfast

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...and it looked amazing :) 

BrittanyM7 BrittanyM7

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July 2006

JemmaB JemmaB

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I did this today! Unfortunately you cannot take pictures inside. Amazing frescoes and definitely worth seeing if you're in Rome!

JulitaPita JulitaPita

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May 2013 with Tom and his family

Elysiageee Elysiageee

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Honestly it's not that amazing! There are much better frescos and there's an amazing one in Florence it's this old palace now a museum and every ceiling is absolutely incredible!

zoey_maggie zoey_maggie

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I went to visit Rome with my cousins and their parents.

On the second they we went to see the basilica and the Vatican. The Basilica wa closed, but we still went to the Vatican.

I must say I wasn't really impressed with the Chapel. Probably because it was crowded and people were talking and whispering and it was kind of dark.

Another reason would be that before you get to the Chapel you go through countless rooms full of wonderful works of art from the Renaissance.

And I found some of them to be more impressing or beutiful. It's probably a matter of taste.

None the less I am happy that I was able the see the Vatican and stand beneth the famous painting of God reaching out to human kind.

I will not post pictures, because I don't have any. In the Chapel is forbiden to take pictures

amandanicole815 amandanicole815

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slekach slekach

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 So much smaller in person!  The Vatican was a fantastic place to tour!

julie.smedegaard julie.smedegaard

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