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Jaime_Goncalo Jaime_Goncalo

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 This was during my summer vacation in my homeland, Madeira. I did the trail to Pico Ruivo, and experienced amazing things. Trough the trail i´ve found a little bird and it settled in my hand to eat the piece of bread that i had, it was fun!! Then, i continued the journey to the very top. I arrived up there and felt like that the world was under my feet. It´s 1862 meters above the sea level. Amazing views up there.

heatherhopp heatherhopp

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I hiked to the top Mt. Lincoln at Sugar Bowl in the Tahoe area. It was a hard climb, but once I reached the top the views were incredible!

jacquilyngonzalez jacquilyngonzalez

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Me and my husband just got back from vacation we went to the mountains in North Carolina and we climbed a mountain it was so beautiful and standing at the top of that mountain made me feel like I was on top of the world

yannick1986 yannick1986

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J'ai grimpé au sommet du Lady McDonald à Canmore en Alberta

danniic danniic

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In the Swiss Alps, went 3000m up but would like to go higher!

NabilIbrahim NabilIbrahim

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Rotenboden, Switzerland. Overseeing the Matterhorn in all its greatness.


howie824 howie824

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I went to Switzerland and I stood on top of Mount Lucerne on my 18th golden birthday.

bealion90 bealion90

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Mt Bartle-frere 

Anurag999 Anurag999

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it was a long hike upto there,,,and also i was lost on my way down on woods

niall.wright.52 niall.wright.52

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Went skiing in italy with school 

I dont have any pictures of me on the mountain but this is where we went and it's someone else's picture who I went with :)

Catgrace Catgrace

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been there done that. 

suzanne.berends suzanne.berends

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with school we did go on a trip to austria 


shin_tezuka shin_tezuka

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It was a struggle going up the highest peak in our area but it was all so worth it. The view was amazing , the experience unforgettable  and the company irreplaceable. 


paintthesky paintthesky

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Tw1sted Tw1sted

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Climbed highest mountain in UK

jvdpas2000 jvdpas2000

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done it ;) many times


Sinon Sinon

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Hiking up to the top hurt. I think it was because of the atmospheric pressure pressing down on me but i continued. The view was so beautiful. My feet hurt going down as well because i was trying not to fall forward so i basically dug my feet through my shoes on the ground. Let's just say I was sore the next day. It hurt to squat ;-; but sooo worth it.


Suzy711 Suzy711

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I believe the first mountain I went to was in South Dakota and bout 7,000 ft high. Though I can't remember the name. I was with my best friend Kelsey and we fed the wild chipmunks on the top. One missed the peanut and nibbled my finger haha. I will add a picture later I need to find it first heh.


Gbh914 Gbh914

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Hike a mountain!


kayarrjay kayarrjay

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Because mountains are bad ass! (And the view was amazing.)

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