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Azar Azar

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I Always wanted to write a blog So I made ​​a personal blog. After one year there was a lot of friends in my blog that they follow and read my writings. With this blog, I came out from alone and bad feelings...I suggest that you start writing a blog... its subject could be anything Like your personal life , surroundings , routines loved , things around you and ...

Just starting out and have fun writing ... :)

emily.salvador.3 emily.salvador.3

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 I have officially started blogging! I actually started designing the blog a couple weeks ago. However, I didn't want to check this one off my bucket list until I'd really gotten into the habit of blogging. I have three posts up to date-- does that count? 

I already love it :) I think what makes this blog different from the ones I've attempted to create in the past is that this time, I'm doing it for me more than anything else. I want to make my blog the kind of blog that I like to read. 


RebeccaU RebeccaU

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I love to write about my life, about what worries me, about life in general, about the silly little things that happen and make you feel happy or unhappy. It"s a way to express myself and sometimes actually to discover what's on my mind.

sorax14 sorax14

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AncientWolf AncientWolf

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Soulvision Soulvision

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izabellanancy izabellanancy

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agmrs1723 agmrs1723

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Im working on a blog for school right now and I think I will start another one for fun at a later time. The current blog is on unmanned systems. Here is the link if you are interesting to see how its coming along. 

StevePalmer StevePalmer

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Two blogs started and kept live.............

Music -

Eating Out -

roastedsmoores roastedsmoores

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My Tumblr is private, but I am determined to post a picture with each accomplished bucketlist item. You can follow me if you want at but I will WARN you it's dark, secret, and depressing. Just stick with my bucketlist (; 

Beatris Beatris

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I started with my blog for fashion inspiration on 6 March 2017.

skyecielo skyecielo

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I love blogging and try to do it as regularly as possible. 

Here's the link ;)

lajohnson lajohnson

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I set up a tumblr!

cara.m.coffey cara.m.coffey

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 More for me rather than anyone else. Just a documentation of any crafts I undertake or any projects that I complete. Lovely way to unwind.

ferocity302 ferocity302

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 So far so good! My goal was to be blogging by 2018 and here I am trippin through the beginnings in 2017!!

Mondo Mondo

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Deviant Adele Deviant Adele

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Yay! I did it! My own personal blog.  

I have tried to start a blog so many times, but never really knew what to write about.  It was only when I started to learn more about myself that I realised how badly I wanted to change, and inspire others who feel the same.

My blog is called "The Hedgehog and the Horse" and you can now follow me on Wordpress or Tumblr

My first official post will be posted today!


FalconeRider FalconeRider

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Really excited to have my blog up and running .. can't wait to put on some really amazing stories to go with it...

ridarobiatulbadriah ridarobiatulbadriah

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I love writing, and I have so many site but there is one that I love the most and I used it more often.  

dania.elamin.06 dania.elamin.06

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 So far so good! My blog is up! :D 

I am blogging about my challenges of being PCOS and Bipolar and trying to have new experiences through my bucket list :D x This is fun I cant wait to do more. This also gets me writing once more!

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