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Azar Azar

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I Always wanted to write a blog So I made ​​a personal blog. After one year there was a lot of friends in my blog that they follow and read my writings. With this blog, I came out from alone and bad feelings...I suggest that you start writing a blog... its subject could be anything Like your personal life , surroundings , routines loved , things around you and ...

Just starting out and have fun writing ... :)

RebeccaU RebeccaU

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I love to write about my life, about what worries me, about life in general, about the silly little things that happen and make you feel happy or unhappy. It"s a way to express myself and sometimes actually to discover what's on my mind.

emily.salvador.3 emily.salvador.3

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 I have officially started blogging! I actually started designing the blog a couple weeks ago. However, I didn't want to check this one off my bucket list until I'd really gotten into the habit of blogging. I have three posts up to date-- does that count? 

I already love it :) I think what makes this blog different from the ones I've attempted to create in the past is that this time, I'm doing it for me more than anything else. I want to make my blog the kind of blog that I like to read. 


cara.m.coffey cara.m.coffey

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 More for me rather than anyone else. Just a documentation of any crafts I undertake or any projects that I complete. Lovely way to unwind.

Marisa Marisa

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In 2015 I started my first bucket list on which one of the items was to start a blog, so I started a blog about my bucket list and everything about bucket lists. Want to see it? Go to 


tiaraamany tiaraamany

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 I've started a blog like years ago. Here is the link: . I have wishes to keep it updated regularly, but writer's block and real-life activities often distract me from doing so.

nefzalman nefzalman

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 You could easily start a blog, but maintaining it is a challenge. 

Soulvision Soulvision

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izabellanancy izabellanancy

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5 success stories 

agmrs1723 agmrs1723

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Im working on a blog for school right now and I think I will start another one for fun at a later time. The current blog is on unmanned systems. Here is the link if you are interesting to see how its coming along. 

marloesplu marloesplu

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I did it! I started my own 'blog'/ website. And this is just the beginning!! Love it...


msvaldarling msvaldarling

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Been there, done that! I've been blogging for three years! 


Give it a looksie: 



Beatris Beatris

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I started with my blog for fashion inspiration on 6 March 2017.

mohitverma2323 mohitverma2323

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 Checkout this post- to know why I started blogging and how it helps me :)

BoiledBagels BoiledBagels

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ferocity302 ferocity302

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 So far so good! My goal was to be blogging by 2018 and here I am trippin through the beginnings in 2017!!

abriah abriah

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121 success stories

danielnemes84 danielnemes84

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About life, about my feelings, about me:

FalconeRider FalconeRider

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Really excited to have my blog up and running .. can't wait to put on some really amazing stories to go with it...

MissusMae MissusMae

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 I had a blog since 2009 and I have finally made a commitment to my new blog this 2016. I've made sure to make my blog as brand of myself and all things I am passionate about. So far, I've been garnering 50 to 100 views per day so I'm guessing thats progress. My blog is

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