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Fatima Fatima

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Build all ^_^

I hope for this year that I have a good year full of events (In my country , we have three days of the New Year)


findlife findlife

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Sometimes I feel that the years are just passing by so quickly that I don't have time to remember even important events in my life. Hopefully, this would help me to be able to keep and cherish special moments <3

jazzyokanovic jazzyokanovic

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 I set up my 2016 memory jar. I used to do this back in Middle School, and I loved looking back through all the moments that made me happy. It is shown down below on my bookshelf where it stays. I bought some cute sticky flags to use as the papers inside it from Target. The jar itself, and the tag attached to it were both purchased at target as well

Some people do one memory every day, whereas I do significant things that make me happy. 

However, I didn't find this to be the most interesting of the things on my bucket list.


mo_s12 mo_s12

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I'mma do it differently where instead of adding memories from the past in the jar, add my fondest memories of 2016. Adding the date of that day, so that by the end of the year I can reflect on it and look back at it.


petraxo petraxo

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Mamory jar is a great way to remember little things 


jessicaawilliss jessicaawilliss

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I started my memory jar in 2016. The aim is to write down every positive thing that happens this year, and to open it on New Years Eve and relive the year ♥️


kate1985 kate1985

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 Write down all the happy memories you have in a year and read them when year ends. You will be surprised how good your year was

sammyhil8 sammyhil8

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 Well I started my memory jar about a year ago and whenever I have a memorable experience I just put it in there and when I'm having a bad day I look at all the great things I've done.

diva198267 diva198267

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fun idea  

bushbon bushbon

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 Start a memory jar.  

sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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Try record every memorable moment, fulfil the memory jar


explorerjoey explorerjoey

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I'm just throwing my ticket stubs into a jar and I'm going to go through it when it's full :)


BexsElks BexsElks

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Me and my children are making memories and anyone else who joins in is a bonus ❤️


laura.gc.1291 laura.gc.1291

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It is nice to be grateful for ever little thing that is good in my life.

greennerdfighter greennerdfighter

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It is nice Pinterest content. I just hope I will keep putting memories in there. It might be a really cool possession in some years. Sadly I already do not remember all the dates according to their memories. So maybe this will help me remember everything, things that are minor that I want to be able to recall too.


timmonshayley timmonshayley

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 Kept it for a little while but keep forgetting to write my memories down. 

elishaayoung elishaayoung

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Amazing! Every time I am sad or just in not a very good mood I take a memory out of the Jar and it it makes me smile like a Cheshire Cat!

Belinda99 Belinda99

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 It's not finished yet, I still have the rest of the year to fill it with memories, I am loving the experience. 

SaraDem SaraDem

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A mini bottle of Chivas, map of Versailles, tickets from KASKcinema, tickets from the ZOO, a neckless someone gave me,...

Martinezblue Martinezblue

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 Today i started the 2017 memory jar where I will save funny things and memories through out the year. 

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