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sandskyandsea sandskyandsea

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This goal was one that I worried was never going to come true but the heavens decided to shine down on my one day and grant me this goal. We were driving home one day and it happened to be my mom who spotted it first... A glorious unscrewed "maximum 60 km/h" sign sitting by a pole near the road. I screamed and made her turn around just so I could get it. All the glory and none of the work. I swear someone left it there just for me... and I love them  

katelou93 katelou93

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Party banter, decided to have a KFC run and stole a sign on the way back! Good times :")

LauraCappelluti LauraCappelluti

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only half done in 2011


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sometime during high school i had a band and we were out walking around our singers home town and we found a station where they keep the signs and orange cones and we stole about 200 cones and i grabbed a stop sign still attached to the steel and concrete base and started yelling for everyone for t hold up and we all got back to the house piled into a truck and put the cones on a bride and watched the cars from a distance and laughed until the cops showed up and we took off up into the hills

maxwhayward maxwhayward

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"Another great job from premier driveways"

fannidiv fannidiv

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2012 kertekalja street


becctanner1 becctanner1

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I enjoy shenanigans. I always wanted to steal a street sign because I've always followed the rules. I was able to steal a stop sign and an archery range sign...with my boss. It was pretty awesome. She got away with a sign as well.  

magi-doom magi-doom

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years and years and years ago...


Hannaheeps Hannaheeps

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 Todd Awesome

Tannon56 Tannon56

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 not really something im that proud of.

Livelife85 Livelife85

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It says No Tailgate Banging haha great trophy

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