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marney2 marney2

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The hardest thing was actually getting up on the board. We surfed in Costa Rica with Matt Ben Maddie Mickey and Mitch.


Gnarly.Carly Gnarly.Carly

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The good ol' Califor-ni-ay! This was my 21st bday. Met a friend who taught us a thing or two. Well, tried. ;) 

Kate.rose Kate.rose

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I was nervous to surf. I was scared and unsure. But after getting into the water I was mesmerized. It was the first thing in my life that just felt right. The waves were heavy and big. They held power. They could pull you under. But they held beauty and serenity as well. On my first try I stood up and every time after that too. Surfing was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I hope to try it again sometime soon.



Clarissa_hays Clarissa_hays

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 It was one of the most fun experiences of my life! im probablly over exxagerating but i am in love with the sport we are moving to Florida in Janurary and im am so excited for tha beach and surf.

Wesal Wesal

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as in with a surfboard, not the internet..

krystalchill24_7 krystalchill24_7

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Summer 02' with my family & the Wrights.

linder_lou linder_lou

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i don't need to get good at it. i just want to try it. i'd like to stay up for more than a second, maybe even go over a wave of some little size...but trying looks fun enough.----------so ziplining in the rainforest is only the second coolest thing i've ever done, because this is THE coolest thing ever. i caught the first wave i tried! i thought i was a natural, but nineteen attempts later i decided it was just luck, because i only caught a total of two waves and i couldn't tell you how i did it...but it's SO much fun! totally worth anyone trying even just once.

mjpoblete mjpoblete

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I think everyone has thought about surfing at some point in their life. I've always thought that a surf board also amplified a girl's appearance. I decided in the Summer of 2012 to rent a house down at the Jersey Shore (Bradley Beach) and take up surfing.!/media/set/?set=a.724053785237.2092697.198603781&type=3

smileysnowgirl smileysnowgirl

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I did it. Loved it!!! Cried even. Took a private lesson in Honolulu, HI before my flight home from work. One of my most amazing experiences of my life. 

Tazni Tazni

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Surfed in Bali. Great fun :)

macinsquash macinsquash

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Costa Rica

March 2013

krisparsons2 krisparsons2

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in the DR!


Kirkin_out Kirkin_out

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 I went surfing with my two bestfriends near San Clemente Peir in California

jackieebenitez jackieebenitez

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 Mi primera vez surfeando fue en Puerto Escondido en Playa Carizalillo con Piña <3 

Bakerboy Bakerboy

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Went to amazing Rincon, Puerto Rico (can get steak on a stick, bread, and a bottle of water for 3 bucks) and learned to surf. Waves were from 6 to 10ft so nothing crazy, but it was great to check something off the list. Now I want bigger waves, Hawaii here I come. 

Bri Bri

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in hawaii

jah jah

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With Julio in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Drumrgrl Drumrgrl

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North America- Hawaii

South America- Peru


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