Swim in a hot spring

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wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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Me and my friend Shanice tried a hot spring in Fiji on the main island. It was pretty sweet, not very exciting though. But for the sake of trying everything once, I did it! I will probably not do it again.


RobynE RobynE

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Visited hot springs in Tuscany. It is amazing to be able to sit in the very hot water and then cool off in the actual river below. It is an interesting location. While there is a spa hotel there, there are no change rooms or toilets available, so you just do what all the local Europeans do and change behind a tree. Worth the effort.

May 2014



marileedupreez1993 marileedupreez1993

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Banff Upper Hot Springs in 2014 with Kristy

shendy shendy

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I've been many times and it is very relaxing and healthy. The biggest challenge is the hour hike before you get there. I have done it with a lot of my friends from High School.


lovealle lovealle

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Was the best! so warm and relaxing and I felt so fresh after coming out. Deffinitely must go there again! :D

mangomarsh mangomarsh

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Preferably in Iceland or Japan because of all the the wonderful geological things happening there, but I'm not picky, haha. 

vanessajgill vanessajgill

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 I roadtripped New Zealand in a camper van with my family and we visited Hanmer Springs in the South Island, highly reccomend it, such a beautiful place and we spent an entire day in the hot springs, felt amazing after with baby soft skin :)

rachnunn rachnunn

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I went to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and it was absolutely amazing! There were mountains all around me and it was freezing outside. The spring was naturally so warm and unbelievably beautiful.

Kelsy81 Kelsy81

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Blue lagoon ( Iceland) - although technically more sitting than swimming ;)

sarahfulton sarahfulton

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Loz530 Loz530

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Most amazing and relaxing day :) Hot springs in Victoria Australia

Cupcakexcore Cupcakexcore

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The most amazing place in New Zealand. It is called Kerosene Creek and it was under a waterfall. This was one of the best feelings I have had. Relaxing after a long day in such a beautiful and unique place. 


Jules26 Jules26

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Fantastic way to finish off my vacation, a spa trip on the way from Reykjavik to the airport


leighlouisepope leighlouisepope

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Did the hot springs and mud pools 


PhoenixFire PhoenixFire

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Swam in the bath house at Evan's Plunge


Tallie24 Tallie24

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Very pleasant experience, always willing to go again. 

Mamba Mamba

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I went hiking on Hveragerđi river hiking trail in Iceland, which ends in a hot spring river. It was so fricken cold brrr and the water wasn't as hot as expected, but totally worth it!

D0ughnu7 D0ughnu7

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In Costa Rica! My skin never felt better!

Cjbrewer Cjbrewer

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Chico hot springs in Montana. Pagosa Springs and Steamboat Springs in Colorado. Yummy.

twistlickdunk twistlickdunk

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A lot of times during family vacations in Laguna

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