Swim in a Waterfall

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hannusiren hannusiren

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Such an incredible experience...

We travelled 2 hours from Mumbai to this amazing location - near Karjat - 

21 waterfalls surrounded us..... Monsoon rains... Wildlife... Bugs.. 




elfen elfen

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Did it in the Cuban jungle

wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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Me and my BF went to two waterfalls the same day because it was freaking hot! One was in the middle blue mountains nationalpark and the other we just randomly found in a forest somewhere!


sarah1777 sarah1777

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One of my favorite things in the world is to look at waterfalls so being able to swim in one was beyond exciting (and cold).

ryttu3k ryttu3k

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Not my picture. Little pool with a waterfall / natural rock slide spilling into it, somewhere in the vicinity of Bega, visited with school friend in summer 1999-2000.


AbbiWarner AbbiWarner

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Beautiful falls, clear water and fun swimming. 

The current is fairly strong so you should ideally be a competent swimmer. The rocks next to the falls are climbable, allowing you to slide down the falls. 

We advise going when sunny as it is a bit chilly! 


captainlissyxx captainlissyxx

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It was so hard to swim to the waterfall, but so much fun!


damesalice.ds damesalice.ds

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When i was in a waterfall for the first time, that was few days ago, it was so beautiful and i think it's better than the beach, because there is no salt in the water, so you can leave the waterfall with a good hair and with no sand on your body.

PuddingStaahs PuddingStaahs

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I love camping at Stony Brook and swimming underneath the waterfalls!

raven17bu raven17bu

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Took a trip to the U.P and went to Tahquamenon Falls. I don't have pictures of myself in the falls, but it was a great expierience.  

aremmell aremmell

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Love Kilgore waterfall

ZiaSoriano_ ZiaSoriano_

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The water was so clear and cold!!


bigdreamer94 bigdreamer94

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Mystic Falls in Yellowstone is a great place to go swimming, you have hot springs right next to the falls so you get warm water mixed with the mountain run-off and the temperature is not too bad.  

Kellie Kellie

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We stayed at Blue River Resort in Costa Rica and one day we hiked to a waterfall and went swimming in the pools and falls. It was a cool experience for sure!



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 En Hawaii

meaghan.wagner meaghan.wagner

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This summer I visited Costa Rica for my 30th birthday on a whirlwind trip that reached from San Jose, to La Fortuna, out to the beach in Tamarindo, and up into the cloud forrests of Monte Verde. 


Mangjose Mangjose

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Ingwan Falls. Hamtic. Sometime in 1997.

sgcohen2 sgcohen2

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Completed: August 2012

kenseym kenseym

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Walked half an hour downhill to find the waterfall, almost got taken out by the current at one point once were in!


jennifer.h.miller.1422 jennifer.h.miller.1422

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Kids and I swam at Turner Falls this summer, ice cold and lots of FUN!


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