Swim in the Pacific ocean

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Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Snorkeling in Hawaii!

celestialqueens celestialqueens

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 August 21st 2010 in La Jolla California

MzRoxy MzRoxy

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First dip in the ocean ever.

hope037 hope037

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I loved being a little child growing up in Hawaii where I played on white sandy beaches and in warm, crystal blue waters. There's nothing like the rush and power of the ocean!

Gino Gino

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San Francisco, California Sept 2011

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico Dec 2012 

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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I did off the coast of Oregon and it was freezing! I remember it was really scary but fun when big waves were coming your way. I didn't swim for very long but it was a fun experience. 




erineque erineque

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Hawaii, California

Eseagren Eseagren

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Fun! But cold!

NicoleAdrianFernandez NicoleAdrianFernandez

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Not only did I swim, I fell - I was walking along the rocks in El Salvador and a wave came up and knocked me into a little pool (filled with crabs, mind you). I got all scraped up, but it was still awesome to see the black rock beach so different from home!

Raelene Raelene

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It is freezing!!!

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