Swim with dolphins

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ChrisHooley ChrisHooley

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 Most epic experience ever!!

HeatherHawks HeatherHawks

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I've had many incredible experiences with Dolphins, the first was for my sister's 21st birthday surprise in the Florida Keys. The second was a dolphin touch experience in Jamaica, and finally the most recent one was in Cabos San Lucas. In Cabo I was able to go underwater with the dolphin touch tongues!






vampkittie vampkittie

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I swam with a dolphin named Dot in Discovery Cove Orlando, Florida. What an amazing experience and I would love to do it again.

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Went in Maya Riviera, Mexico during my brother's senior trip in 2009!

piedwagtail piedwagtail

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Done in November 2011 - I swam with Hector's Dolphins in Akaroa, New Zealand, on a stunning day

hannah811879 hannah811879

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Swam with one named zeus in tortolla (carribbean) age 8 with my family.

Then in 2014 I did a training day with a number of dolphins including the babies who where learning basic commands on a reef of the coast of cancun, mexico, can't find the photos but it was the most amazing experience ever!


chilli.hodgson chilli.hodgson

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Actually done this twice. Both times at Discovery Cove, once when I was 18, & the second time while on honeymoon. Utterly brillient & unforgettable. Loved every second.

2002 &



FiveByFive FiveByFive

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Done during a cruise vacation. 

singravity singravity

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On our journey trough Bali we went to swim with Dolphins. For 30 minutes we would get the chance to swim with Ricky Mortey (the name of the Dolphin). We did amazing tricks like kissing and hugging, but also spinning together.

Information on the situation of the Dolphins:

~ For those who think the Dolphins are forced to do something here is some information on the Dolphins situation. All the Dolphins that swem in the resort were rescued from fishing nets from fishermen who hunted for Dolphins. They are treated with lots of love and lots of tasty treats. We did even further digging in for information and found out that the Dolphins are in very great living situation. ~

jenii-jro jenii-jro

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May 2004


nati_nina nati_nina

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In Orlando swimming with the Dolphins on Discovery Cove.

Me and my sister s2




Jamie97_ Jamie97_

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Swam with bottle nose dolphins when i went to Spain with my best friend. Unforgettable experience and would recommend it to everyone. 

kelquigs kelquigs

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 July 28 swam with dolphins in Bahamas at unexo 

haidebay haidebay

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Swam with dolphins on vacation in 2012 at sea world in california. I was 17 years old. LOVED it. Had a blast. Dolphins names were Dottie and Cocoa. Cocoa was a baby. They were SO sweet. Got some great pics. Definitely want to do it again.

Breshiki Breshiki

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My best friend and I were on a 7-day cruise celebrating our college graduation & birthdays. I;ve always wanted to swim with dolphone and this was a package deal where you got to swim with stingrays too.

We did the stingrays first, which might have been a mistake because I loved it. By the time we got to the dolphines I was a little dissapointed they were didnlt get to swim with them. We all lines up, touched them, posed for pictures, and they pushed us on a body board. It was still a fun experience, but far less than what I dreamed it would be.


CanyonWild CanyonWild

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*picture not mine 

jacquemet.lou jacquemet.lou

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Bit of an early start for this one. So the water was a bit cold at 7 am. 

Though the time got cut short because an other traveler got hurt (thankfully, he recovered), this was one of the most surreal experience. 

joannalape joannalape

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It was raining and we had to get out of the water because of the lightning. But then we got back in and we all had the dolphins pull us accross the water and take pictures.  


Basilrose Basilrose

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 I have actually done this twice.  The first time was in Cozumel Mexico with my husband and the second time was in Key Largo with my daughter.  Had a blast both times.  Dolphins are amazing.

thetravelnutblog thetravelnutblog

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 One of the best experiences of my life so far. This was completed in a place called Mundo Mar in Benidorm. Worth every penny! 

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