Swim with dolphins

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ChrisHooley ChrisHooley

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 Most epic experience ever!!

HeatherHawks HeatherHawks

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I've had many incredible experiences with Dolphins, the first was for my sister's 21st birthday surprise in the Florida Keys. The second was a dolphin touch experience in Jamaica, and finally the most recent one was in Cabos San Lucas. In Cabo I was able to go underwater with the dolphin touch tongues!






Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Went in Maya Riviera, Mexico during my brother's senior trip in 2009!

FiveByFive FiveByFive

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Done during a cruise vacation. 

hannah811879 hannah811879

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Swam with one named zeus in tortolla (carribbean) age 8 with my family.

Then in 2014 I did a training day with a number of dolphins including the babies who where learning basic commands on a reef of the coast of cancun, mexico, can't find the photos but it was the most amazing experience ever!


vampkittie vampkittie

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I swam with a dolphin named Dot in Discovery Cove Orlando, Florida. What an amazing experience and I would love to do it again.

chilli.hodgson chilli.hodgson

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Actually done this twice. Both times at Discovery Cove, once when I was 18, & the second time while on honeymoon. Utterly brillient & unforgettable. Loved every second.

2002 &



piedwagtail piedwagtail

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Done in November 2011 - I swam with Hector's Dolphins in Akaroa, New Zealand, on a stunning day

dianemarie dianemarie

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On a Bahamas Cruise with my sister

MarieFromBelgium MarieFromBelgium

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It was a great adventure! I hope i will ever get the chance to do it again.


atothemanda1 atothemanda1

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Best. Experience. Ever.  My cousin and I went on a cruise with our grandparents and got to swim with dolphins there! 

whitneybtutor whitneybtutor

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Visited Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL in September 2011 for my 30th birthday. Definitely want to return for more time with the dolphins!

heather.emmens heather.emmens

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Daunting but worth it


sez101 sez101

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bay of islands

SoulRise SoulRise

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 I swam with dolphins at Discovery Cove in Florida.  I thought it would be a truly magical experience but sadly, once you get up close, you realise that they're not a cutesy, lovable animal, they're actually just predators that are out of their natural habitat and I felt quite sorry and disconnected from them.  The experience was made worse by the fact the trainers were telling us not to touch their underbelly under any circumstances, which is made seriously difficult when the wetsuit you have is too buoyant and keeps floating your tiny frame upwards.  Once in a lifetime experience yes, something I'd repeat, no.  Keep them au natural.

naturesxangel naturesxangel

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This was amazing. Dolphins are such amazing friendly creatures!!

kateflorian kateflorian

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I've always wanted to swim with the dolphins and I finally got the chance in Cancun.  I got kissed on the cheek by a dolphin, danced around with him, and then swam with two.  Bonus!  We also got to snorkel with the dolphins and interact with them underwater.


angela_houser angela_houser

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Swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat.


Caraline_Nelson Caraline_Nelson

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 Completed in Hawaii

Basilrose Basilrose

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 I have actually done this twice.  The first time was in Cozumel Mexico with my husband and the second time was in Key Largo with my daughter.  Had a blast both times.  Dolphins are amazing.

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