Swim with sharks

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wjdslimjim wjdslimjim

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Here is a GoPro edit of when a few of us went free diving with blue Sharks out of Point Judith earlier this summer. They were actually quite friendly - like dogs almost.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cBQ8tEDmd4

Getting up close and personal with 5 different Blue Sharks.  It was an awesome experience.  

This service is offered by Captain Charlie of Snappa Charters out of Point Judith, RI.  Captain Charlie was great, very personable and knowledgeable.  

Filmed using: GoPro Hero 3 Black Editing Software: GoPro Studio Music: Scott & Brendo - Deep Blue             Candyland & Big Chocolate - It's A Shark! (Gold Top              Official Remix)

Filmed and Edited by: WJDThree Productions

Pickles Pickles

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In the tank with sharks at Manly Aquarium, very tentative at first but soon became relaxed. The beady little white eyes got to me at first, but they were beautiful creatures. Great Whites next! 

rachelmue rachelmue

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 Bahamas, Spring Break 2010

agudino1 agudino1

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In the Dominican Republic I got the chance to snorkle with sharks and sting rays it was soo amazing. Even though they were just nurse sharks it was still nerve wrecking!  

julia_lacaz julia_lacaz

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During the summer with my brother and grandpa :)

Didn't plan on swimming with sharks but it passed by in front of us...like a meter or so...my brother and I froze :v

Not exactly sure what year it was tho...

BelovedAvalos BelovedAvalos

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Fun, fun, fun!!


stellanutella stellanutella

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 Happy birthday babe :)

EsforEmily EsforEmily

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 It was a really good experience, snorkeling with Sharks. It was difficult initially to adjust to the technique of snorkeling 

I would love to have gotten closer or even touched the sharks. So I will probably do it again but somewhere else with different types of sharks.

wonder.lust wonder.lust

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SCUBA diving with sharks at the aquarium

elizabeth-9 elizabeth-9

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I swam with sharks in an aquarium, last summer in a Guadalajara zoo, I was so scared but I wanted a lot to see near the sharks, so I dressed a special swimsuit and entered like in a glass box with an expert and then we gave food to the sharks.

Tinkerbell1308 Tinkerbell1308

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My favourite animal is a shark, so when I got the chance to swim with them I couldn't contain myself. It was in a strap cage in an aquarium filled with reef, brown and sand tiger to name a few. One day I will swim with great whites without the cage 

sgkaylor sgkaylor

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Went with Charlie, Mandee, Callie, & Dan.


danialdyy danialdyy

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Dominican / 2011


baederp baederp

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Father's Day 2015


lizzyr12 lizzyr12

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Absolutely amazing experience to see these creatures up close. We were lucky enough to have 2 great whites swimming around us on the day when they had gone months without a sighting! Know how to use a re-breather first as people who didn't seemed to struggle when down in the cage with multiple people, seeing the sharks, fear, adrenaline etc.

naomipatriciap naomipatriciap

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Swam in a pit of sharks & sting rays in Punta Cana, D.R Amazing experience one of my favorite !



nashy1977 nashy1977

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Went snorkeling out over the coral reef in Belize and although I was told there may be sharks I was assured they are harmless and just feed off shellfish on the sea bed.  Doesn't matter if you know this when one appears out of no where directly below you and it is the same size as you you take a deep breath and let out a muffled swear through the snorkel.


professor227 professor227

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Had the chance to go snorkeling off the coast of Belize and got to swim with the nurse sharks.

berkleyhopkins berkleyhopkins

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with my uncle (derek) and cousins(lindsay and tyler) 

mariz_rabor mariz_rabor

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Truly amazing!

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