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dall0046@gmail.com [email protected]

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Whilst living and working in NZ, my host family made it possible for me to take a quick helicopter ride (was intended to be free for children) around the canterbury area with views of Mt. Hutt. Thank you Sharon and Craig.


cabernetqueen cabernetqueen

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We got a fantastic gift from ASC (A Soldier's Child) that was a helicopter ride... so we took it around Dee's 50th birthday in September. Joel Byers from channel 4 (Helistar Aviation) was our pilot and he was amazing and daring and friendly! I can't wait to do it again sometime. :) Totally recommend!!! Doors off!


aroad243 aroad243

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Helicopter flight through the Grand Canyon  

butterfly101 butterfly101

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fun in hawaii 

troddy27 troddy27

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Over Maui & Molakini, Hawaii

Jiga Jiga

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twas sick. 5 stars. In New Zealand. In winter

aisling92 aisling92

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New York 2015 with killian - amazing

milady_585 milady_585

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I did 3 times !! Nyc, gran caynon and miamI !! All 3 different experence! ! Nyc you can all the big building and the water it's very ambitious ride !! I felt small when I saw all this beautiful view, miami it's unique they ride you all around the beach and I went close to sunset was unbelievable see it from the sky !! And gran caynon was scary but exicting, I was copilot and the weather wasnt good, it was a little bit of raining and the helicopter got troubled, but the good part was wonderful see all the infinite mountain, it's just increible I felt I was watching a paint, it was stunning, ahhh my sit has a window by my feet which I can see all the view trought my it was fantastic

dalilugubre dalilugubre

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I did it in a training with calfire last year, it was awesome!

MLatter MLatter

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Around NYC with Julie Mayville 

lgm91682 lgm91682

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took a ride over san francisco as an early birthday gift

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