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banditleap11 banditleap11

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Such a great thing to do, as it helped me understand some of the trickier aspects of taking quality photos on a professional camera. Though I'm nothing special, I'm proud of the photos I have managed to capture because of the class. 

Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I took a photography class at East Tennessee State University as part of my undergraduate studies im 1986.

JoviTempest JoviTempest

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Taken as part of a college course. Thourghouly enjoyed and the skills I picked up helped me with my travel photos.


Maggie664 Maggie664

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Astrophotography course at the Greenwich Observatory London

Bird in a Cage Bird in a Cage

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mainly the basics as COVID kept a lot of this to a bare minimum. I passed tho. 

Bugs3472 Bugs3472

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It was late on a Friday night and I was feeling sad, alone, and that life was passing me by. I was midnight, and I aimlessly searching the Internet to see if there was something I could get involved in. A random search I came across a photography class that was being held the very next day. I wish I could say I signed up, and didn't doubt myself but I did. It was really my husband who said I should do it. I needed a push, an okay to invest $100 in me.  The class taught me how to use my DSLR class. I was lucky in that only three people were in my class. (The morning class was filled.) I went from depressed to inspired in such a short time. I have so much practicing to do. Lens to shop for. I see an intermediate class in my future.

Most people aren't going to find happiness just sitting at home every week. 

MMyersPA MMyersPA

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I have been passionate about photography since my mom gave me her old brownie camera. I am finally able to afford a good camera but don't currently have time to take the photography class.


I took the photography class in January.  It's taking a lot to learn to use a DSLR.  I took come cool pics of waterfalls at Ricketts Glen State Park in Oct. 2014.

BooBear27 BooBear27

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Sophmore year of high school; with Mr. Jackson.

BooBear27 BooBear27

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Sophmore year of high school; with Mr. Jackson.

isarod isarod

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took it junior year for a semester


payton.glanz payton.glanz

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 Took a semester at school of it!

diosa1245 diosa1245

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if you will go to travel, you need to know how take a picture


MissYena MissYena

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 I completed an online course and it gave some really great ideas about light and style, shutter speed and appeture which should help me to 'fix' some of my images when the automatic settings aren't capturing what I want to see in my photograph.

raf.debruyne raf.debruyne

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Starting with Classes in 2015. Doing a lot of photography in my spare time. Now time to do a course.


nicolle123 nicolle123

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 Eventhoug i like photography alot I didnt enjoy this class so much because i couldnt manage to work well because i didnt have a good camara. 

lpsan lpsan

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 i've started the class in 2016

planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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Best Buy offers free photo classes on Sat. I was able to attend one before the pandemic, it was great! 

serran84 serran84

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 This was before digital became the primary means of taking photos. I learned how to develop my own film, and I even set up my own dark room at one point. 

jonowen7 jonowen7

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Did in 2013, plus ongoing classes online. 

karlydawn karlydawn

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ive done this several times!!! :) 

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