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sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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 took my daughter to have pottery camp, end up I took the pottery lesson at same time. love from since

MadelineLM MadelineLM

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I took clay in high school and at college. I appreciate the art, but it's not for me. I really don't like the feel of the clay when it gets all dry on your hands and stuff. I am also not really good with 3D design. 

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emilydeetravels emilydeetravels

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 Take a pottery class, make a pottery bowl, and then paint it. 

ad.pokorna ad.pokorna

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 Can I say that pottery classes changed my life. I met here amazing people and had the the kindest and loveliest teacher I ever had. She is my boss now and if I may say even a friend. I still taking art classes in this centre and had the most marvellous time. I met and hopefully going to meet nice people from all over the world because this classes. Many of the best life experience I had was because this people. 

Beaner519 Beaner519

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Not the best at it, but it was relaxing and I made a special lifelong friend!

JLTlifeplan JLTlifeplan

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I took a pottery class a few years ago and I thought it would be as romantic as it was on Ghost, but instead it was hard and fun and really messy. I discovered that making pottery is a real skill that needs to be developed over time and its a serious craft. 

LadyDaniela LadyDaniela

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sarahjbrown94 sarahjbrown94

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Unchained melody must play in the background

ckfox ckfox

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Since I've always wanted to learn pottery, about 4 yrs ago I did take a pottery class, and learned I didn't really enjoy it. But, I was happy I completed it, and made a couple of unusual items!


chersteinberg1 chersteinberg1

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When I was younger

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