Take my mom on the vacation of her dreams

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darren.grigas darren.grigas

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My Mum has a had a pretty rough couple of years, at only 56 she has developed early stages of Osteo Arthritis which she deals with using a pain management course of different painkillers to stop it getting too bad,  to top that off she was involved in a car accident in August 2013 adding whiplash to that mix and then the following month starting getting blurred and blocked vision to discover she has torn retinas which will inevitably detach at which point will need a speedy operation to avoid losing her sight.  With all this bad stuff going on I knew it was the right time to give her something to look forward to.  Mum had just a couple of things I was aware of on her own bucket list, one of which was to visit Rome so I decided to book us a break away to give her something good to look forward to.  

I'm pleased to say she had an amazing time and was a very happy Mummy.  It was great to be able to treat her and see her having a lovely time.

TheEbonyDove TheEbonyDove

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My dream, since I was a little girl, was to live in Paris, France - or visit at least. During my senior year of high school my mother fought (financially) to make that dream (to at least visit) come true. It was magical. About eight years later, while working in Germany, I received a bonus check from my employer of $15,000. I sent off for a passport for my mother, telling her it was for emergencies in case something happened to me while in Germany. I contacted her employer and booked her flights. . .and gave her about a week notice. She was elated! I brought her to Stuttgart, Germany, then Italy, and of course...Paris, France.

It was one of The Most Magical holidays of my (our) life! I remember she did ask me why would I do all of this, spend all this money for her...I simply said..."well...because You're MY Mother. I love you. And, I wanted to share with you the experience you bought for me when I was 17 years old. You could not afford it at the time, but you made it happen, you did it because you love me. I just wanted to say...Thanks."

dreamistru dreamistru

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Cause she deserved it :)))

Traveler21 Traveler21

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Went on a horseback riding Safari in Botswana end of summer 2016 after visiting Johannesburg South Africa. 


Maggie664 Maggie664

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Dominican in 2014, sun sand and adventure

karolina.noor.1 karolina.noor.1

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 Amalfi Coast and Capri island!

scottkris15 scottkris15

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Take my mom on the vacation of *OUR* dreams ♥️

After graduating from university, I wanted to do something nice for my parents as a thank you for all of their support over the years so when I could afford it, I took my mom to London, Paris and Amsterdam! 

Silvanarees Silvanarees

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I took her on a cruise through the Mediterranean. Visited Athens, Santorini, Ephesus, Napoli and Roma!

Jimenez22 Jimenez22

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I’ve taken mom to Banff, Canada, Acapulco, Cancun, New York etc 

mary.frazee.50 mary.frazee.50

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New England in Fall

ilyastr ilyastr

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Italy, Malta, and Austria!


duynsathe duynsathe

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 Little House on the Prairie Road Trip

lafleurlyly lafleurlyly

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Took my mother on her first international trip to Montreal, Canada.

nieta.lister nieta.lister

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She has never been so happy 

coleyholland coleyholland

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Italy 2012!

jessicarsv95 jessicarsv95

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taking her to Mexico this week and I'm going to pamper her and give her flowers and chocolates before we board.


chersteinberg1 chersteinberg1

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 I surprised mum with taking her to see the Northern Lights

kellyraets7 kellyraets7

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West coast roadtrip summer 2013


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