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HCMarshall HCMarshall

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I threw my mom a surprise 50th birthday party. She was COMPLETELY surprised. We left her house to take her to lunch out of town around 11am & while we were gone, I had her friends come in & decorate and set up the cake, treats and punch. When we got home 2 hours later, she walked into her house to about 50 people stuffed inside yelling SURPRISE! She was completely caught off guard.


bosselaj bosselaj

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 Harry Potter murder mystery party for my mom's 40th.

Nocturnestar Nocturnestar

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To my dearest love! A b-day surprise party 

AmbitiousDepressive AmbitiousDepressive

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In 10th grade I threw Katrina a surprise 16th birthday at Applebees. I had been at Florida during her actual birthday and I wanted her to feel like we cared. It was a little weird because some of our friends decided to buy her a gag gift- which included condoms and a mal cup but it was altogether fun. Even though her favorite color is brown. 

DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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A few years ago, me and my mum threw a surprise joint birthday party for my brother and my dad as their birthdays are two days apart and it was milestone for them both as my brother was turning 25 and my dad was turning 50. We had it at a pub/hotel just down the road which we managed to keep a secret really well. It was a really good night and everyone enjoyed themselves. There were a lot of people there such as family and friends so we had a buffet available with different sandwiches and sausage rolls and just small snacks to eat. The room was also decorated really well by the staff there which we were really thankful for. It was a brilliant night and I hope we can do the same thing again in the future. 

Tara Grimwood Tara Grimwood

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Fantastic night for my mums surprise 50th birthday party. All her friends and family were there to celebrate :-) 

darkmisstress darkmisstress

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 For my oldest son's 16th birthday, we threw a RWBY themed surprise party.  I enlisted the help of his best friend to get him out of the house and he had no idea what was happening!  

Jessica9592 Jessica9592

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My best friend got married on the 4th July so her sister & I decided to throw her a surprise hen night which she didn't expect!! :D


RhianBuckley29 RhianBuckley29

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Lizzies 18th Birthday Party 

Myself & Jo organised a surprise party help at the classy kedleston hall. Everyone wanted to come!!!

the best part of the night was the awful mae stripper who came as a fireman!!!



jimiluhan94 jimiluhan94

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 We threw one for my good freind Joe Lu in Xiamen, China. It was before he headed back to Australia forever! 

anirbansengupta anirbansengupta

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It was small surprise only but it was still a surprise though. It was for one of my school friend. And I further knew that he had not celebrated his birthday ever(In his religion they don't celebrate birthdays). So I called him to famous hangout of ours and brought cake and stuff. We even shared the cake with complete strangers sitting there. It was fun. 


BerryParis BerryParis

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 a ben! su primer cumple que pasamos en mexico 

bkt1982 bkt1982

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I beleive this date is the 2nd surprise party i orginazed.

tuvshinzaya.amarzaya tuvshinzaya.amarzaya

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For my Bestie's birthday in high school

evy.ginneberge evy.ginneberge

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For my boyfriend's 21st birthday!


charl.turner charl.turner

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 I threw my sister a surprise 21st Birthday Party!! It was extremely stressful but more than worth it!!!! :-D She knew nothing about it and had a fab night!!

It is definately something that I would reccomend!! :-D

liz.burgess.146 liz.burgess.146

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 For my Dad's 65th and retirement with mum, helen and loads of people from Rotary!

aurenail aurenail

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Voor mijn klein zusje ;) [email protected]

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Threw my Mom and suprise birthday party at the Spaghetti Factory for her 50th Birthday.  We had a table of probably 30 people!

Louloubowman Louloubowman

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For Clare's 30th


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