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nicole.brown nicole.brown

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This was the best decision I ever made. On my 20th birthday I felt like my life wasn't going anywhere. Two days later, I booked my flight to Oslo. Then it started. I planned my trip over the mainland of Europe. When I got home, I started looking for my next adventure.


I highly recommend this for everyone.

chellobean chellobean

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I went to Iceland by myself! This was the first time I have fully travelled alone, not meeting up with anyone along the way. It was great! I went for five days, and enjoyed every single one of them. I got to do everything I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. I am generally an introverted person who likes my alone time, so this was perfect for me. On the last day, I will admit I missed my boyfriend and my dog, and was very excited to go home to see them. 

frances.m.fairs frances.m.fairs

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I left on the 4th of November to travel Australia and am having the time of my life. Travelling alone is loads of fun and it means that I am tied to doing anything. I can do whatever I like when I like and it gies me so much freedom :)

 The only challenge is that I get homesick sometimes and miss family and friends but Skype is a great help!

AdzFlowers AdzFlowers

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After scrimping and saving on a depressingly low wage, I finally managed to strike a big thick cross through this bucket list item as I packed a backpack (poorly) and took a trip down-under. A lifelong ambition which was finally achieved. 

It doesn't matter who you are, or where you're from - everybody has a country they dream of visiting. For me, that was Australia. I've never been 100% sure why, but I suspect it began with my daily helping of Neighbours every night after school. Indeed, I still have the 'Soul Patch' resting under my bottom lip, a homage to the now departed character Stuart. 

The one thing I feared more than solo traveling, was the country not living up to my expectations. Luckily for me, it was everything and more!

I began my tour in the rainforest region of Cairns before slowly coaching down through Surfers Paradise all the way to my final stop in Sydney. Some people did say that the money spent was excessive, but I was fortunate to meet some truly amazing people from around the world and that's just not something you can put a price on. I also had many memorable experiences (both good and bad) which will forever stay etched in memory. 

If you have the chance to travel, do it. I wish I'd gone and seen more of the world but now I own a flat. If you have no major ties, do it. Honestly, it's the best experience you'll ever have. 

nicola_lednor nicola_lednor

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Did a tour though sta and g adventure, I met amazing people, it has given me so much more confidence,I want to travel more now, I am.having 12 weeks off work too go travelling again and meet up with a few people I met in America. We did a tour, grand cayon, Vegas, San Francisco, yosmite. Beat thing I've done :-)

joe.lawwtf joe.lawwtf

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 The first time traveling alone to Quebec Canada and the very first trial of couchsurfing, I met somebody who inspires my life and changed my perception towards personal philosophy, a guy who has traveled to 80 countries, a guy who hasn't traveled with other before, a guy who told me the benefits of one-man travel. He hang out with me for the whole journey and he chatted with me till 5 in the morning, sharing his stories towards traveling, including his love stories and job experience. By handling everything on my own, taking care of my personal belongings as well as my suitcases, I turned to be more independent and really really enjoy being on my own. I started thinking of my life, past and future. I met a Canadian teacher and a Mexican student on board, we both shared our stories. They are also curious about the mystery of Chinese showing the numbers by hand gestures. 

elfen elfen

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I travelled in Ireland on my own. It was only a week, but I liked it. I felt a little lonely in the beginning, but that wasn't because of me travelling alone, that was simply because I missed some people I saw just before I started my trip through Ireland. :)  I got to see loads of things! So much more than I would with people.  But I kind of missed someone to share the momories with 

goddessella goddessella

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Finally did it! Toured København on my own for 2 days. it was the most liberating experience i had so far. it was scary at first, but it taught me a lot

rosannayh rosannayh

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I'm afraid of flying, but that didn't stop me from going to Australia by myself. That's one of the best things that I've done in my life. 

Smiz Smiz

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I know this might not seem a big deal.. but i drove a few places on my own. I explored Queenscliff and Geelong and other areas on my own! Pretty good for someone who hasnt been driving long.. nor living in this area long :P  

Marije1991 Marije1991

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Went to Australia by myself! 

Margitorsolya Margitorsolya

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If there is one thing I would recommend for people with low self esteem or no confidence, traveling alone would be it!

The more it scares you, the more it will help!! Guaranteed!

helen.smith.92775838 helen.smith.92775838

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 Have traveled alone quite a bit. Been to turkey, Barcelona, Paris, Australia, Prague, America,Amsterdam

dniozdric dniozdric

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One of the best experience in my life.. Such a geat and beautifull city with friendly people always ready to help you in every situation.. My recommendation :)

charlotte_johnson91 charlotte_johnson91

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Buenos Aires-Rio but met a lot of friends along the way! 

Best thing I ever did

ishakashyap ishakashyap

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 Over the years, I’ve been quite a champion at being independent: I've lived all by myself for over 5 years, I’ll go to parks by myself, I’ll go to book reading with people half my age or almost twice. I go running alone at 3 am on the streets. Et Cetra. But taking this leap felt much different. Traveling to a couple of countries, all by myself. To travel solo.

I had three very solid reasons to do a solo trip. One, I wanted to take the biggest plunge out of my comfort zone and challenge everything that I've known about the world and myself by now. Two, rediscover myself- how have I changed as an individual (on a time-lapse basis) in last decade. How will I react to awkward or interesting or intimidating situations and people when I won't have anyone to judge me, guide me or protect me. I wanted to become stronger, braver and more responsible. Three, to give myself the gift of time and space.

Here are my video postcards:​

cbyce104 cbyce104

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 I went to Atlanta to be an extra in a movie. I stayed in a hotel by myself like a real adult!

CharlieNBY CharlieNBY

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It was awesome and so freeing to be able to do this trip on my own! I'll travel alone again, just watch me.

realnkosi realnkosi

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Ive done this multiple times and im glad ive never met huge problems on the way. Ive travelled outside my city alone, outside my country too. Harare, Lusaka for now

sebastian.bach1 sebastian.bach1

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My first trip to irland, was a trip i took alone. Was Supposed to go with former roommate Gabriel.

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