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Rode a helicopter with Mom and Dad to experience an aerial view of the 12 Apostles, in Victoria, Australia. The biggest challenge for me is the fact that I have a fear of heights. Despite the nervousness and anxiousness when we took off. I did have a great time while on the 'copter.

JadeLouise JadeLouise

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Flew over a volcano in the caribbean with my family


karen.stratton79 karen.stratton79

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Have done this twice. It was awesome both times 


marki marki

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Thought it would be so much cooler flying in a helicopter. It was loud and pretty narrow. But it was nice to see the famous Las Vegas Strip at night - so it was worth it! :)

Teju_2920 Teju_2920

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Did it when I was around four/five so cannot really remember it but I remember it was a VERY noisy experience! 

Bekah21 Bekah21

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 It felt great to fly high above the Grand Canyon, but I became ill during the flight - very hot!

lora2806 lora2806

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  I want to do it because i think it is amazing and I can see the whole city

before i am driving back to austria

Josiecapllonch Josiecapllonch

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mozes_denise mozes_denise

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Helicopter flight during "dorpsfeesten 2015" 


megprince53 megprince53

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Great Barrier Reef, Cairns - breathtaking

ciarafarrelly ciarafarrelly

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to the Grand Canyon - August 2011


JYAK2013 JYAK2013

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It was spur of the moment. I seen a sign $20 helicopter rides. My grandmother and I both went. It was amazing!

sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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Took helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon when I'm pregnant with my first child. Fascinating view



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In New Zealand to get to Franz josef

Steven Truman Steven Truman

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 Had numerous trips in helacopters when i served in British army

Katschai Katschai

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Traveled from Nizza Airport to Monaco City by helicopter.

Made a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.


beyondbillie beyondbillie

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Rode in a helicopter in Pigeon Forge, TN

liviapet liviapet

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I flew to the Grand Canyon  

chilli.hodgson chilli.hodgson

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I've been in a helicopter twice - once to conquor the fear, the second time to travel over the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

OMG, I love flying by helicopter! Best way to travel!

2007 & 2008

EliJan EliJan

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 A helicopter; its something that looks awesome but I never imagined that I would come close to ever being in one. 

But when I was in the Faroe Islands it turned out that taking the helicopter is just as normal as eating potatoes for dinner. Many islands are remote and boats don't run often (or at all) so a helicopter flies weekly to drop supplies and ia used as a form of transport. 

Because it is used as transportation the prices are not more then the average trainride to the other side of the Netherlands. So if I ever needed an excuse to fly there and then, I had it. 

So i planned my tour. I would cross half of the country an visit many remote islands. So the day off I took the bus to my take off destination. In the bus I noticed that my odds were not in my favour. The wind was so strong that the busdriver had a hard time keeping the bus straight.

But i was already on my way so I thought I might as well make it to the platform. So at the counter I asked about my flight and the lady told me what I already knew. My flight was cancelled. 

So determined as I was I tried to find when m next possibility was. It turned out that I had to stay a night on an other island and had to clear any travel plans I might have had . But I was going to take a helicopter. It was going to happen. 

My second attempt was a lot more succesfull. I got dropped off by my lovely host and was offered thee and cookies upon arriving to the platform. The ride was awesome and the view was breath taking. 

I was the only tourist n there and everyone else probably thought I was some crazy foreigner. I must have looked like a little kid on christmas morning. I didn't care. I was having the time of my life. 

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