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WaywardChild WaywardChild

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For years I kept hearing that this was one of the greatest experiences you could possibly grant to yourself. Now that I've done it, I can wholeheartedly say that everyone who said that was 100% right. Travelling alone is such an incredible experience that truly helps one grow & learn to be self-reliant & self-sufficient.

Haziciel Haziciel

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 2014 New Year Trip

CharliChambers CharliChambers

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 Solo trip to Narita and Tokyo, Japan for birthday

SteephiiD SteephiiD

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First time I travelled solo was to London in July 2013. I had met a guy through PSN (PlayStation Network) who lived in London and since my dad had promised me a trip somewhere I decided to go to London for two weeks. I had a great time in London and I got a feeling of freedom since I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted with whoever I wanted. 

Update: I went alone to London a second time as well in February 2014 to see the same guy and also do other stuff that I didn't do last time I was in London and it is one of the best trips I've ever been on. I meet so many new amazing people and had a blast (almost) the entire stay. 


As long as you are social and aren't afraid to talk to people you will meet so many new people to share your fun with and that's what I love about traveling alone, because you don't limit yourself to only be with and talk to the people you're traveling with.  


nay_x_nay nay_x_nay

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I went to Jamaica and then over to Miami. Best experience! You don't have to wait for anybody. You can have as much fun as you want or relaxation, meet the locals. You spend more money than you would if you were with others. It's amazing would definitely recommend

CasslynCrain CasslynCrain

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Northern Ireland + Iceland 

Leen87 Leen87

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Brussels, Belgium <->Atlanta, USA <-> San José, Costa Rica

May 2014

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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 I traveled solo for the first time at 28 years old, there is never a wrong age or time to have that first solo travel experience! For years I had wanted to spread my moms ashes in Alaska, for a lot of different reasons. After almost a year of planning, I finally made a dream a reality! I spent a week exploring the beautiful last frontier. 

After I flew into Anchorage, I boarded a glass ceiling train to a cute little quirky town where a cat is mayor called Talkneeta. The town is a very obvious tourist trap, but it is still a really fun and interesting town to visit! They had the most unique dispensary I have ever been in, but also the most expensive! When I stayed at a lodge near Talkneeta for two days, I spent one of those days exploring the town. I tried some huckleberry ice cream and a caribou burger, both were a very wonderful treat! I decided to try something new and took a jet boat ride and experienced an authentic fur trappers cabin used until the 1980's! 

The lodge I stayed at was incredible, it had amazing views ofthe tallest mountain in North America (Denali) and the Alaskan Mountain range! I didn't actually see the mountain until my last day as I was checking out of my room! 

Once I got off the train in Anchorage again, I picked up a rental car for 3 days and explored the Kenai Peninsula! I drove down to Seward my first day, but before I did that I explored a glacier by boat at Portage Lake. 

Seward was my favorite part of the trip! It is there, just a few miles from Exit Glacier where I decided to spread my moms ashes! I also went for a cruise around the Kenai Peninsula and experienced sea kayaking for the first time around an island called Fox Island. I also went white water rafting on class 4 and 5 rapids near a town called Hope. Between the tears,laughs, stresses of things not going right, one to many beers, and pure happiness of making a dream come true the trip was a life changer for me! Traveling solo was one of the best experiences I have had in my life! I highly recommend everyone take at least one solo trip sometime in their life! 


itchyfeetrocks itchyfeetrocks

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PrincessJournal PrincessJournal

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Go on a Solo trip to Andaman..

phoebeau phoebeau

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With an ever concerning Dad and the stigma with traveling with friends or family to be social or fun, I decided to take my first solo trip my self. 

I love the freedom of making my own decisions and not having to burden anyone else! 

In a cold rainy February, I visited the lovely city of Frankfurt! I got lost several times, got a horrendous cold  and left my passport at the hotel but it was a great experience and a great learning curve! 


ThourayaBouzidi ThourayaBouzidi

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an amazing experience discover a new country by yourself

Zarakkhan1991 Zarakkhan1991

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I have traveled solo alots of time in my own car with no one good experince u feel independent

C.g.genova C.g.genova

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When I was sent to a conference in indianapolis, I decided to drive the 12 hour drive instead of fly to reduce my carbon emissions. It was an absolutely great experience. I have never driven that far by myself, and I hope to get to do it again. I chose a few cool antique shops on the way and got to see a canon ball stuck in a building wall from the civil war in Kentucky. Very fun experience.

boratheexplora boratheexplora

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 Traveled to Philippines, Thailand, Fiji and Hawaii by myself.

camila6 camila6

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Lived in China for a year!



StandardDeviate StandardDeviate

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I've always traveled with friends. Let's see how (and what) I do on my own.

danzzheiress danzzheiress

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lynne_docherty1983 lynne_docherty1983

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porter.jacky porter.jacky

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Travel on my own without a safety net.

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