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Leen87 Leen87

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Brussels, Belgium <->Atlanta, USA <-> San José, Costa Rica

May 2014

itchyfeetrocks itchyfeetrocks

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phoebeau phoebeau

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With an ever concerning Dad and the stigma with traveling with friends or family to be social or fun, I decided to take my first solo trip my self. 

I love the freedom of making my own decisions and not having to burden anyone else! 

In a cold rainy February, I visited the lovely city of Frankfurt! I got lost several times, got a horrendous cold  and left my passport at the hotel but it was a great experience and a great learning curve! 


Haziciel Haziciel

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 2014 New Year Trip

CharliChambers CharliChambers

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 Solo trip to Narita and Tokyo, Japan for birthday

PrincessJournal PrincessJournal

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Go on a Solo trip to Andaman..

SteephiiD SteephiiD

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First time I travelled solo was to London in July 2013. I had met a guy through PSN (PlayStation Network) who lived in London and since my dad had promised me a trip somewhere I decided to go to London for two weeks. I had a great time in London and I got a feeling of freedom since I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted with whoever I wanted. 

Update: I went alone to London a second time as well in February 2014 to see the same guy and also do other stuff that I didn't do last time I was in London and it is one of the best trips I've ever been on. I meet so many new amazing people and had a blast (almost) the entire stay. 


As long as you are social and aren't afraid to talk to people you will meet so many new people to share your fun with and that's what I love about traveling alone, because you don't limit yourself to only be with and talk to the people you're traveling with.  


nay_x_nay nay_x_nay

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I went to Jamaica and then over to Miami. Best experience! You don't have to wait for anybody. You can have as much fun as you want or relaxation, meet the locals. You spend more money than you would if you were with others. It's amazing would definitely recommend

HRenee HRenee

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Road trip from San Jose, CA to Portland, Oregon

Thanksgiving Vacation 2008

Drove up on hiway 1 and 101

Experienced the Oregon Coast

Hiked/toured through caverns

Had a martini at an interesting bar in Crecent City

Hiked Mt Hood with Gina

Shared Thanksgiving Day with Gina in Portland

Drove home on I-5 passed Mt. Shasta


hasijo hasijo

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Just leave for an unknown destination

All The way from Kolkata to Leh, Ladak! No Phone, no communication for 3 weeks.

Went alone and came back with so many new friends and millions of memories!


juliewinters juliewinters

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If you want to travel going solo is a must, because you can't always find someone willing to go with you where you want to go.


ThourayaBouzidi ThourayaBouzidi

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an amazing experience discover a new country by yourself

fayetandog fayetandog

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Awesome experience!


danzzheiress danzzheiress

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lynne_docherty1983 lynne_docherty1983

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porter.jacky porter.jacky

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Travel on my own without a safety net.

sangeeta.prabhakar.3 sangeeta.prabhakar.3

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One of the best ways to reconnect with yourself!

Aikshell Aikshell

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Flew to Yogyakarta alone to visit two UNESCO world heritage sites — Borobudur and Prambanan Temple. It was a liberating, eye-opening experience and I really didn't expect to love it so much. A memorable 24th birthday gift indeed. 

poisonivy poisonivy

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camila6 camila6

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Lived in China for a year!



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