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Pickles Pickles

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My first trip to England was in November 1990. I flew into London and met up with a mate who had been travelling for 6 months. I stayed in Maidstone for about 3 weeks. I toured London, seeing the famous sites, Big Ben , Tower bridge, Westminster Abbey and saw the changing of the gaurd at Buckingham Palace (Queen Mother drove past us).

My second trip to England saw me get out of London and drive the countryside. I visited Manchester, York, Blackpool and Leeds, on my way up to Scotland.


baronos1924 baronos1924

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London is the place to be!


RealPluc RealPluc

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madeinkorea madeinkorea

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I only visited London and it was honestly just like New York City. However, it was still an amazing experience. 


bfantini bfantini

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 I'm rating 4 stars just because I need to go back and see much more stuff.

atothemanda1 atothemanda1

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I leave Wednesday the 18th of JUNE! 


smcmanaway smcmanaway

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Oh England! Words cannot express how much I loved this place.

SabreLi SabreLi

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Travel to England


Erwan.Ftn Erwan.Ftn

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 Visit of London, the Chelsea stadium, many famous museums, visit of the BBC ( where i took a picture with a dalek and the TARDIS !!!!!  I saw many Doctor Who, Harry Potter related items ! 

All of this with my best friends ! Amazing memories ! 

MartiniFP MartiniFP

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It was great travelling to England with my classmates 

Ben3__ Ben3__

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 London is an amazing city.

Lex!e Lex!e

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My heart belongs to England!


alicia_marlene alicia_marlene

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Finished this summer with my mother and sister!


Mamba Mamba

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 Been to Manchester, London and Leeds.

Svw1993NL Svw1993NL

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My niece, Marion, gave me a trip to London as a present for my 18th birthday.

I became hystirical when she gave me a book of London, it was then when I knew what the present was. She had al kinds of small presents to fucntion as a hint like a rope with ''absolutely  fabolous'' on it, a small route planner and a huge book with London on it.

We had a small B&B in Camden, London. We had a amazing time; London is a beautiful city. But I got homesick which was a little bit of a bummer...


jimiluhan94 jimiluhan94

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 I'm English!

hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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 The history and architecture of this place is amazing the food was some of the worst food I have had no matter where I went. It was still amazing to see though.

archduckfranzferdinand archduckfranzferdinand

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Did a summer school program at the University of Cambridge.

Latinahans Latinahans

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 Beautiful, wet, green, love the trees that are shaped into birds

Linna101 Linna101

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Class trip 2012


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