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fkaren fkaren

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Our 10year anniversary gift 

ewitong ewitong

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 I've been to Japan for a few times already and the latest one is to Okinawa during summer holiday in 2011. It's been a nice trip as the weather is so good. 

yotaka.rodpothong yotaka.rodpothong

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Japan , It's one of my dream destination.

And I've seen autumn in Japan.

Wonderful and completely perfect! 



SafranBogi SafranBogi

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Great Buddha and ocean during sunset.

joeldeans1 joeldeans1

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Traveled to Hakuba for snowboarding for 8 days with mates had a great time mountain not very big but the snow was epic a lot of powder for jumps, then we moved onto tokyo/shinjuku for a further 4 days which was not enough time but i don't think a week would have been enough so much to see and do and the people are really friendly too such a different culture from where I'm from back in England would recommend to anyone.

trishbatman trishbatman

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Twice! October 2014, October 2016. Both times were amazing. I plan on going at least one more time with my partner. 

  • Hiked on Mt. Fuji
  • Rode on a bullet train
  • Visited the Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama (Kyoto)
  • Visited a cat cafe
  • Visited an owl and bird cafe (not recommended)
  • Went to a Japanese style wedding/reception
  • Went shopping in Harajuku 
  • Did karaoke in Shibuya

divamojo divamojo

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 Japan is one of my favorite places to visit.  Lived there for almost two years.  Love the culture, the language, the food, the historical sites and the people! Visited with my cousin famous sumo wrestler - Musahimaru or Fiamalu Penitani

HisameArtwork HisameArtwork

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 Wonderful beautiful's just a huge open air museum of art ! Food is sad though :\ but good if you're on a diet, you will loose weight :)) 

melinda.grigg melinda.grigg

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A fantastic 2 week trip with my two beautiful sister in-laws, full of great adventures & great company we had so much fun, absolutely amazing food 🍹


Collymarps Collymarps

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 Of all the countries in the world, Japan has always seemed like a shimmering mirage, a pipe dream, my one true bucket list destination. If I am honest I never really believed I'd set foot in this almost mythical country.

But as of 2016, all that changed when we embarked on a three week gallop around the Land of the rising Sun.

Landing in Tokyo we spent five days getting to grips with the wide variety of neighbourhoods from Shibyu and Shinjuku to Harajuka and Asakusa.

We then headed to the beautiful Nikko national park before hopping on our first bullet train to the Japanese Alps and the quaint little village of Takayama. 

We then headed to Hiroshima to see the sombre site of the A bomb and  Miyajima island.

Then it was Geisha spotting and temple bagging in Kyoto before ending in Osaka with its crazy advertising and oversized sushi signs.

sanchit.khera sanchit.khera

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 Travelled to Tokyo, Japan (Narita International Airport). An awesome view of Mt. Fuji through plane's window.

sunyuzh1 sunyuzh1

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I love make up from Japan !!!let's go shopping !!!!

FrancescaW95 FrancescaW95

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Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Narita 


LGhaznawi LGhaznawi

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I didn't plan well for this amazing trip so I want to do it again.


snwsandy snwsandy

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I've travelled all over Japan from snowboarding in Hokkaido to basking on the beach in Okinawa.


tszching717 tszching717

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Great trip


coffinfinite coffinfinite

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We took a family trip along with my friend Sarah to Japan, stopping off in Tokyo and Nara. We visited the Square Enix Store in Tokyo and visited lots of Shrines in Nara. This was probably the best holiday I've ever had. 

sean.stanton.39 sean.stanton.39

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 I traveled to japan for two weeks with some mates from uni back in 2008. I was a livfe long goal to go here but i fell like i didint get to see enough.

I will be going back again and hopfelly ill be soending over 2 month travleing aorund the whole country.

manttonen manttonen

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 Japan, summer 2014. Massive fun with karaoke, beer, video games and of course, lots and lots of ramen noodles.

fayz fayz

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i went to japan with 3 of my best friends in august 2015. it had been a long-time dream of mine to go to japan, and to travel with my friends. so this is like two goals achieved in one. 

i spent three weeks in japan and went to tokyo, nagoya, osaka, nara and kyoto.


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