Try fried twinkies

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GuttersnipeRebecca GuttersnipeRebecca

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Ate one at the LA County fair. Was SWEET...almost to sweet :) 

mareferg mareferg

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 Definitely worth trying, but way too sweet and fried and goey (and delicious).

badwolf0409 badwolf0409

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 Tried these delicious devils at the County Fair.

Tinkerbell1308 Tinkerbell1308

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 Oh sweet Jesus that's good. Goodbye diet

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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 So not impressed at all! I already had a feeling I wouldn't like it but still idk how people like it. I paid $4 for the damn thing and it seriously just tasted like fried dough to me. I took one bite,let my boyfriend's sister have a bite and than tossed it in the trash.......where it belongs! I will have a hard time trying other fried foods in the future because of this.


Geej15 Geej15

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 Not that great. It doesn't taste anything different from just deep fried dough. Instead, go for a deep fried Oreo! That's better.

furbee007 furbee007

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I only have one word for this DELICIOUS!!!

Remy Remy

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This was not actually a goal of mine.  I just saw it on someone else's bucket list and clicked on the 'done it' button. 

It was not a pleasent experience.  One bite of the wretched thing and I couldn't get it out of my mouth fast enough.  Horrible!

Rbreiner Rbreiner

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Gross. haha

Jonthebuss Jonthebuss

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The date on here is incorrect. But I tried a twinkie at Santa Cruz Boardwalk, I didnt even realize that it was on here as a bucket list item but I completed it! horay!

megancm megancm

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yesenyaperez yesenyaperez

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I never thought about putting it on a bucket list but it's most definitely something I've always wanted to try! My friend has a deep fryer and eat the grossest things by dipping it all in the deep fryer and one day she brought our little art group some and I don't think there needs to be an explanation. It was as delicious and heavenly as everyone says.

jared.2 jared.2

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 Imagine a twinkie. but better! I know right seems hard to believe

MVDtrick MVDtrick

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waterski101 waterski101

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Tried them, loved them!


linda.osuji.3 linda.osuji.3

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 Not a fan. This was probably in 2011?? but a while back tho

rachellenh rachellenh

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Very good but very fattening 

emelkins24 emelkins24

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 Fall festival. Enough said.

sloomis sloomis

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 LA County Fair

heartnai heartnai

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deep fried mars bars were so much better, it was like a warm twinkie but twinkies are still good :3


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