"Unplug" for 48 hours

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AdzFlowers AdzFlowers

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As somebody who lives, works and breaths Social Media, this one should have been a breeze... Ahem! I've tried numerous times to unplug but failed on each occasion. That was until I stayed 3 nights in the remote Australian rainforest up in Cairns, where there is no telephone signall at all. Thus, despite my quenching need for internet, I passed the test! Go me!

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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For me, this means disconnect from all forms of technology that distract you away from the peace that comes from being 100% engaged in nature. Includes: Iphone, Ipod (with internet capabilities), Ipad, TV, and radio. Doesn't include: Cameras, books, music devices without internet capabilities.

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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I had a good chance to do this during our road trip. 

sunrise-sg sunrise-sg

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Done it for 2 weeks actually, and not by choice to be honest, but turned out to be a great experience ! Me and friends got to Bali and were all robbed at a beach party in a few days. So the remaining 2 weeks we had no phones or watches . Stressed as we were in the beginning, then we relaxed and enjoyed it, waking up when we felt like it, knowing the time by the position of the sun in the sky, setting meetings "at sunset" , realizing that we're a bit late as the sky is dark and the stars are seen (lol), but not giving a care in the world, it was amazing.

 Only downside is having few pictures from that trip, but that's what memory is for :)

AudEst AudEst

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 Use this time to refocus, re-energize, re-connect with the holy spirit. 

svitlanashchedrina svitlanashchedrina

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It happened accidentally. I spent a weekend in another country and my phone stopped working. I felt odd at the beginning. But the more I stayed without it the more I enjoyed. I started to actually see and hear everything around. It was better than I would ever expect. I asked strangers to take a photo of me and send it to my e-mail and they were really kind to help me. It was great.

adorjan.illes adorjan.illes

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This goal was very exiting to do. On a beautiful Friday I decided to unplug myself from internet and telephone.

As Saturday started I get off towards bus-station to travel a town in order to take part on a 2 days long Tantra training. :)

However I did not know where the station located. I could not check my phone so I had to ask passers about it. And it was fun and I realized that I need to communicate much more to other people. 

During the tantra camp I really did not need phone or internet, it was easy to do this goal. I am grateful for the experiences I got.

DrJudge13 DrJudge13

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 I traveled to Muscat, Oman. For two days, I visited the desert outside the city. I took pictures of my experience, but I didn't use my phone to contact anyone. I went sand-surfing, dune-hopping, and slept in the desert. The days I completed this on were December 30 and December 31, 2014

bratchet bratchet

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I hate all this staring at the screen. I challenge myself to stop all digital communications and entertainment for 48 hours.

In honor of Earth Day 2015 I'll do it 26-28 of March 2015.

Ketutar Ketutar

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Totally worth it. There's so much more life outside electricity.


dave777 dave777

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blagman blagman

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 done this lots of times

banditleap11 banditleap11

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I have never really been a techy person, but 48 hours of not even being near it was nice. 

Csilla Csilla

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Went for 3 days to the Thai-Burma Jungle. The only electric items we used were a flashlight and my camera (I will not go without it anywhere..) But apart from that it was a total unplug. It was definitely refreshing. But it was also good to go back to civilization.

PicturePerfectBeauty PicturePerfectBeauty

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It was hard. Especially right after waking up.



Savannahsmiles Savannahsmiles

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No better place than the mountains

Kinga Kinga

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it totally changed me

Lalyluz Lalyluz

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 6 dias incomunicada tecnologia pecado, el pecado pecado celular pecado portátil nada Que Me Pueda distraer De Una vida sana y tranquila, me hicieron mis Tener las ideas mas Claras ... no nada FUE dificil al contrario súper relajante.

renoa renoa

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i do this a lot when we go to my hometown XD

my eyes thank me, too bad it's like three-times a year thing lol

caredneckgirl caredneckgirl

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I do this from time to time just to remind myself that it is good to just be how it was in the old days.  No TV, cells, computers, radios, etc.  Probably why I like camping so much.

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