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Pickles Pickles

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There arent too many castles in Australia, so when i got to the UK I was pretty impressed with all the amazing old castles/ Edinburgh Castle was fantastic, but for some reason Stirling Castle was the one that impressed me the most. Its pretty awesome.


okn0tok okn0tok

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 I visited around a dozen Castles in Scotland and actually stayed in one outside of Edinburgh known as Carberry Tower.  The castles are old, and damp, but the rich history, tapestries, art and other interesting collections are amazing!  

luisa.androne luisa.androne

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Couldn't understand anything when I was young because of so many people... and now after many years visiting the same castle, guess what: visit was closed!

 At least I could take a photo ;)

PS: of course I wasn't alone. wasn't allowed to! so I went with my grandma but I am happy I could have courage not to care much about her rushing... 

Briar.J.Simon Briar.J.Simon

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I've been to a couple on a trip to the UK. They were all very different from one another, but each was an amazing experience!

meachamaudrey meachamaudrey

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 Very beautiful

Tasteoftravel Tasteoftravel

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It's a beautiful hike to the top. This picture was taken from a bridge above the Gorge surrounding the castle. 


thetravelnutblog thetravelnutblog

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 Have had the pleasure of visiting many castles in Wales, as there is a huge selection. My favourite so far is Carreg Cennen Castle. 

travelbugRose travelbugRose

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 Our trip to Scotland we got to see a few. My favorite was Ivenrary Castle

yanirita_97 yanirita_97

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 I went to Edinburgh on summer and visited the castle, the palace and other attractions such as the royal gardens.

Kinga Kinga

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 It's good to see, where are ancestors had big fights.

bevtt bevtt

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I try to do this at least once a year, have made my kids love castles too.

scotthelle scotthelle

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touristy, but amazingly beautiful, the model for the disney castle it truly is amazing.... 

luciegadel luciegadel

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 Châteaux de la Loire/Allemagne/Angleterre

monkeyfist1349 monkeyfist1349

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 I live in Rochester High st and a few minutes from this beautiful castle 

i also took my sons wedding pictures here <3

Fast forward a yeah n a half n here i am taking my grand daughtes pictures in there beautifl ground so lucky to see this every day .


hannahmfx hannahmfx

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My boyfriend and I stayed in Cardiff for the night in March, we saw a brochure advertising things to do in Wales and decided to visit Caerphilly Castle as it was on our way out of the country! It was really interesting, there were signs all over that told you about how people that lived there would protect the castle, they'd pour boiling oil and throw big rocks onto the heads of the enemies through latches in the floor! There were massive old fireplaces that looked really creepy, the stairs scared me a little bit because they were really worn down so I was a bit worried of slipping! There was a room that had just a mirror inside it, and the sign outside said that there was rumoured to be a ghost of a man that sometimes appeared inside there! One of the towers had broken in half and was leaning outwards, and there was a statue of a man on the other side which was placed as if it was holding up the tower! The view from the top of the castle was really pretty! It was a really interesting experience and a nice way to end our trip to Wales!

erineque erineque

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Kronborg Castle (inspiration for Shakespeare's "Elsinore" Castle in Hamlet)

sarker.tawsif sarker.tawsif

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 Heidelberg castle in Germany. It was a rainy day in Germany, but it didn't wash my excitement away. 

os.zheliazko os.zheliazko

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Beautiful Karlstein Castle, Czech Republic


wildtom111 wildtom111

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I visited tsurugajyo castle in aizu wakamatsu for a samurai festival. It happens every year and is a must do for anyone coming to fukushima


Lumenyx Lumenyx

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I already visited many of them; see the checklist for a list of all castles I've been to.


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