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Pickles Pickles

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There arent too many castles in Australia, so when i got to the UK I was pretty impressed with all the amazing old castles/ Edinburgh Castle was fantastic, but for some reason Stirling Castle was the one that impressed me the most. Its pretty awesome.


okn0tok okn0tok

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 I visited around a dozen Castles in Scotland and actually stayed in one outside of Edinburgh known as Carberry Tower.  The castles are old, and damp, but the rich history, tapestries, art and other interesting collections are amazing!  

luisa.androne luisa.androne

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Couldn't understand anything when I was young because of so many people... and now after many years visiting the same castle, guess what: visit was closed!

 At least I could take a photo ;)

PS: of course I wasn't alone. wasn't allowed to! so I went with my grandma but I am happy I could have courage not to care much about her rushing... 

Briar.J.Simon Briar.J.Simon

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I've been to a couple on a trip to the UK. They were all very different from one another, but each was an amazing experience!

SergeanttSarcasm SergeanttSarcasm

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I live in Wales so its not a big deal here.


marydelta marydelta

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 I've visited many castles in Europe; Edinburgh castle was of course one of the most fantastic! The pic here is Warwick castle, which was wonderful. 

sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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Casa Loma in Toronto 


brittvilla brittvilla

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When I went to Austria on my school's foreign exchange trip, we got to visit a castle. Actually, we visited two, but I can't remember the name of the second one. The first one was the Riegersburg Castle. It was very beautiful. So cool to see all the old architecture. And it was awesome because we got a private tour of the place.

carlosalex81 carlosalex81

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Castelo de Edimburgo em 12 / Jan / 2013



lauralea lauralea

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 I didn't go in, but it was very impressive :)

Irod0429 Irod0429

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 I saw the castle depicted in this very bucketlist option! It's in Germany. The most beautiful castle I have ever seen. Neuschwanstein Castle!

leandra.g leandra.g

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such a beautiful place, with loads to do

02clare123456 02clare123456

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windsor castle in england


monkeyfist1349 monkeyfist1349

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 I live in Rochester High st and a few minutes from this beautiful castle 

i also took my sons wedding pictures here <3

Fast forward a yeah n a half n here i am taking my grand daughtes pictures in there beautifl ground so lucky to see this every day .


thetravelnutblog thetravelnutblog

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 Have had the pleasure of visiting many castles in Wales, as there is a huge selection. My favourite so far is Carreg Cennen Castle. [email protected]

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Visited Bishop Castle in Rye, Colorado

kak met peren kak met peren

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Visit the castle of Gaasbeek, it isn't difficulte.

Only pay €10 and it looks that you are in the 17th century. 

the_end the_end

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In Edinburgh, Scotland to do some family history research and took time to stop in and explore the castle. 

laraverleyen laraverleyen

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 Visited more than one... but the Castle of Neuschwanstein (Germany) is the most beautiful one i've ever seen

erineque erineque

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Kronborg Castle (inspiration for Shakespeare's "Elsinore" Castle in Hamlet)

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