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Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Visited the active and dormant craters of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the BIg Island! Mt. Fuji in Japan was the first time I had ever visited a volcano, however, in 2001.

dane.birch90 dane.birch90

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I went to Tenerife and i visited Mount Teide Volcano


chilli.hodgson chilli.hodgson

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Visited Mount St Helen's with my friend, Jessica


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Frozen Volcano in Iceland!

dragonsrose4 dragonsrose4

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 Did not plan this, but in Jogjakarta we ended up at a volcano site.

Mathildeh Mathildeh

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Visited the vulcano Teide in Spain 

rsnaissance rsnaissance

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Honolulu, Hawaii. Christmas in Hawaii.  

Ianroberts66 Ianroberts66

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Mount St Helens and Mt Rainier (Washington state)

hollymcmurray93 hollymcmurray93

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inactive volcano - tiede

Woodentree Woodentree

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I love catastrophes and the power released during them - volcanos being very high on the list of impressive natural forces not to mess with. Therefore, hiking on a volcano, maybe even glimpse lava somewhere, is something I've always wanted to do.

Reached my goal in Feb 2014 during holidays in Costa Rica on Arenal volcano. No lava but hiking an old lavastream from one of the earlier erruptions. Volcano itself was off limits since a few months before some tourists died due to the toxic gases released every now and than (since it was an active volcano).

Still, an amazing experience with lots of crazy stories from our tour guide.

 Picture is not mine but from

nina.unger.54 nina.unger.54

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August 2010


Kartika Kartika

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Visited Mount Rinjani which is an active volcano in Lombok, Indonesia. Rising up to 3,726 meters, it is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. On top of the volcano, there is a crater lake containing hot springs. Anyone who wants to visit here will not be disappointed by the views - they are stunning!!


MicVicMoo MicVicMoo

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At University, I studied BSc Geography which meant I learnt a lot about volcanoes. I also went on two trips abroad; one to Tenerife and one to Iceland. In Tenerife I climbed Mount Teide, and in Iceland I climbed Mount Hekla. As well as this, I volunteered abroad in New Zealand, which meant I saw many volcanoes there too! I climbed Mount Maunganui here. I'm currently visiting iceland again at the moment, and just yesterday, I saw Eyjafjallajokull, so that was cool too.

ChristinaMaclean ChristinaMaclean

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Italy (June 2013)

Climbed a volcano after exploring Pompeii. Pretty tough on the way up but definitely worth the views from the top. Feel so privileged to have been able to do it in good company and youth.


lauren.smalley1 lauren.smalley1

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annakartoffel annakartoffel

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 - super rainy

- took us 4 HOURS to get to the top

- still fun


heath.danielle heath.danielle

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Tenerife, 2008. 

Yalestay Yalestay

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↵Mount Baker dormant, but still technically a volcano. 



karen.yesertener karen.yesertener

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Kilauea Volcano Hawaii, 2010

madtoine madtoine

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Climbed mt Fuji, an active vulcano.

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