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Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Visited the active and dormant craters of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the BIg Island! Mt. Fuji in Japan was the first time I had ever visited a volcano, however, in 2001.

ScarlettMatoon ScarlettMatoon

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My junior year of high school, I went with my parents to the volcano on the Big Island in Hawaii. It was lovely.


JayaSuria JayaSuria

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We covered Ijen Crater on June 4th 2015 and Mount Bromo on June 5th. Both places were active volcanoes located in East Java, Indonesia. The views were magnificent and blew our minds away. The climbings were done right after midnight and trekking under the moonlight and cool wet nights. It felt like being in a different realm altogether. Worth all effort especially to witness Blue Flame Phenomenon at Ijen Crater, being the largest in the world.

nina.unger.54 nina.unger.54

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August 2010


dragonsrose4 dragonsrose4

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 Did not plan this, but in Jogjakarta we ended up at a volcano site.

karen.yesertener karen.yesertener

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Kilauea Volcano Hawaii, 2010

hannahwagnerlives hannahwagnerlives

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Family trip in 2011. Drove up the west coast starting in Huntington Beach and ended in Seattle. On the way saw many wonderful sites including this Volcano.


katrijnn katrijnn

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 This was fucking awesome!

manifestasisanubari manifestasisanubari

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The longest abroad travel experience that I've ever had! So many good memories with the people! :')

 Indonesian and Malaysian people are very alike. Therefore, it's easy to communicate aside the culture and race :)

Chloe88 Chloe88

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I visited Tacora volcano which is on the Bolivian/Chilean border. I didn't get too close to it!


chilli.hodgson chilli.hodgson

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Visited Mount Vesuvius, Nepal, Italy, with my husband & friends, Ellen, & Glenn.



Tina95 Tina95

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Hiked to the top in blistering heat, had amazing view over the bay of Naples and saw the caldera of the volcano which was very impressive.

mishal.noodle mishal.noodle

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1717m at Mount Batur, Toya Bungkah, Bali, Indonesia

dirtypiratehooker19 dirtypiratehooker19

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I got to hike Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii last year, and I got to see Mount Egmont in New Zealand just a couple weeks ago. Both of them were awesome, yet very different experiences. I wish I had taken more time and stopped at Mount Egmont and taken more photos. I was on a road trip though, and we were a little pressed for time that day.


raed.zidan raed.zidan

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Mt Kilimanjaro, although not an active volcano, I think its one of the most beautiful mountains on earth.

lauren.smalley1 lauren.smalley1

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evelyn_is_a_bee evelyn_is_a_bee

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 Happy to saw the volcano in Oregon

maria_careaga maria_careaga

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nevado de colima volcano <3

JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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 Tenerife is a volcanic island mostly made by the Las Cañadas volcano, but I saw a lot of volcanoes throughout Tenerife :)

karolina.noor.1 karolina.noor.1

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