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meachamaudrey meachamaudrey

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 I got very sick

jenn_put jenn_put

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I got to visit Amsterdam before I went to college, and Amsterdam remains my favorite city. I loved the people, the culture, and the history. It's a truly beautiful place, with amazing food and coffee too!


stephanieyuhas stephanieyuhas

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Visited Tom & Diana! Drove from Denmark to Amsterdam, saw a zillion museums, tried Wacky Tobacci, Dropshot, Samoan roti, Indonesian smorgasbord, kangaroo, mealworms, and grasshoppers. 

helen.smith.92775838 helen.smith.92775838

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 got free flights to go here. 

becki.ox becki.ox

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Such a peaceful city


reckoner27 reckoner27

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A trip with my step-dad and my cousin (my step-dad's niece) in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Amsterdam was a beautiful and very exciting city! I really recommend to rent a bike over there, its a great way to see the city.It was confusing at first because of the layout of the city and the difficult name of streets and canals, but by the end of it, we barely got lost! ;)

EuphoricJunkie EuphoricJunkie

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Visited in June 2013, had a spliffin time..

Megasteph Megasteph

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Enjoyed a 4 night stay in Amsterdam. The best parts were the canal rides, Heineken experience, Vondel park and tasting dutch pancakes. Worth the experience :)

gomezcamilo gomezcamilo

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Beautiful city full of museums, canals and of course the unmissable red light district. Didn't smoke anything but still enjoyed it a lot.


pradeepf pradeepf

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Visit the beautiful city of amsterdam !!


VictoriaArchie VictoriaArchie

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Me and my friend Polly randomly decided we would travel Amsterdam that weekend! It would be the first time I would of flown without my parents! It was only a 45 minute flight! We visited the Ann Frank house, went around the markets and shops we visited the park, even went on a pub crawl! One of the best experiences of my life.


Gr8wallzofchyna Gr8wallzofchyna

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Edit:  Lady in New Orleans said  to visit Lights square and "funnel" park.


I went and I didn't do either! But i did visit red light district and the heineken experience.... Read more on my blog

mishy mishy

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Family vacation summer 2015

kathryn86_72 kathryn86_72

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Trip to remember and where I felt at home!

Ever since I started to learn Dutch, I've wanted to visit Amsterdam. I had heard and read so much about different experiences regarding Amsterdam. And it turned out to be one of the best trips I've been on. We stayed in a small B&B on the canal in the city centre. Excellent place, original Dutch architecture etc. And I think the best feature was it's location max 15 minutes walk to everywhere.

Well of course we visited the red lights district (during daytime of course), had beer in brown cafe, had coffee sitting on the canal on Saturday morning (along with locals), ate stamppot (Dutch traditional dish) etc.

So much is still left to do - ride a bike, ride  boat on canal etc. I will definitely go to Amsterdam again!

shannon1996jones shannon1996jones

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 I loved this place! Someplace I will definitely have to return to, because although we managed to do a lot in the few days we were there, there was plenty we missed out on. The food was great and even brought some home.

apprentievoyageuse apprentievoyageuse

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noa781 noa781

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It was on my trip to Nederland and it was amazing


fer.vdvliet fer.vdvliet

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It was a beautifull sunny day. Together with my mother and stepfather and wife we did a city tour with a boat. It was great to see my mother laughing and make her happy. Also i make a picture about two people who loving each other on the boat that was lovely to see. Amsterdam was great.

rbt89 rbt89

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iloveamsterdam! what an great city! most of all i loved the oldtown and the canals!

what happens in amsterdam, stays in amsterdam... :D

here some sightseeing photos:


eshankar eshankar

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  • space brownies in the green light district
  • sex show in the red light district
  • canal paddle boat cruise
  • Anne Frank's hiding place


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