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moniqua_91 moniqua_91

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Went twice while I was living in Switzerland. The best part is the canals and the extensive Museums and shows!


popsmolfen popsmolfen

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31. juli 2014 til 3. august 2014

Brother and sister trip to amsterdam.

blagman blagman

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have been lots of times, Amsterdam was the first place, i ever traveled to  alone

Sara Ryan Sara Ryan

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Spent 5 nights in Amsterdam touring the city and surrounding areas. Loved the cafes and the Ann Frank House was one of the highlights of the trip!

DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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When I was younger, my family always went on short trips to Amsterdam where I would come along. We visited the city year after year but eventually stopped when I moved to Spain. From what I remember, Amsterdam was absolutely beautiful with an amazing atmosphere and lovely people. We went to Anne Frank's Houseone of the times while we were there which was incredible to see in real life and to actually see what she had to live in for so long. Everything about Amsterdam was just amazing and I would love to go back for New Year's Eve one time as my grandad used to go during New Year and he loved it.  

tendaiabena tendaiabena

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 I have always wanted to visit Amsterdam and after a year of being unwell I decided that I cant wait for the right time to start doing what I want to do.  I just have to do it now! So of to Amsterdam I go - on a shoestring

Nico19 Nico19

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This has to be one of my favourite cities in the world for it’s diversity and beauty.


bingevil bingevil

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Seventeenth Century Canal Ring

Ciarajayne Ciarajayne

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Visited Amsterdam in the snow in January, cold and bustling


thetravelnutblog thetravelnutblog

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 Visited Amsterdam as part of a university trip. It was so easy to navigate by foot, bike, tram or boat. I literally walked miles around the city. Loads of galleries to visit, and the red light district is something to tick off the list! 

sarahloufisher sarahloufisher

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I've been to Amsterdam several times over the years, first on a school trip and then several times whilst my brother lived in the Netherlands.  It is one of my favourite cities I have ever been to and really has something for everyone.  The Van Gogh Museum is particularly good, the Red Light district is always entertaining and there's so much more to see and do too.


Babooshka Babooshka

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A beautiful, liberal place. We just loved strolling along the canals, looking at all the higgeldy-piggeldy houses, and eating fresh stroopwaffel. 

bilbaroo bilbaroo

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 Another fab trip with the girls - loved it!

paulsmit paulsmit

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 Great white beer! Lovely burgers and nice people working overthere. Nowadays the place is called "De Brabantse Aap"

R.walker101 R.walker101

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Myself and 5 others visited Amsterdam in March 2013 for a long weekend.

Best Parts

- Sex museum & the giant penis statue!

- Sex shop - a certain someone asking the exact mechanics of how a penis enlarger works

- The food. Ummm crepes and ice cream....

- The view

- The Van Gogh museum

- The hotel

- "Smokies". How many of those do you have to buy to feel the effects. I have learnt you're either very happy or completely depressed lol.

The worse part was getting kicked out of a coffee shop for wanting water :(

And the red light district as a real eye opener.

letitiab92 letitiab92

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I want to see what the fuss is about.

bo.terwint bo.terwint

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Amsterdam is basically a small town in a big city. It doesn't feel like its a capital and that's what makes Amsterdam, Amsterdam. 

That's the vibe that Amsterdam has and I love it every time you visit you can see different things. 


Boseentje Boseentje

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I live twenty minutes from the city. I come there every week or something XD

I can go more often if I want to, but stuff like school and work takes up a lot of time too. If you ever want to go there, it's worth walking around.



meyket meyket

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I went to Amsterdam 2. One time with my parents and sister to look around. And the second time to go shopping with my mom.


Sil. Sil.

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 Many times 

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