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On a trip to Nicaragua in January of 2007, we visited an active volcano to shoot footage!


DanyTvo DanyTvo

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I visited Sulphur Springs' volcano in St. Lucia. It is the only drive-in volcano in the world. Amazing experience. 

okn0tok okn0tok

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My friend and I visited Lassen Peak, bumpass hell (yes that is a place there) and the sulfur springs (stinky).   The best part was that in the heat of the summer it was still snowy way up there at the top of that high peak, so we got out in our bikinis and had the best snowball fight ever!!  We actually drove the road up towards the top and then got out and hoofed it.  The biggest challenge was my friend rear-ending me on the freeway on the way there haha.  She hit me going pretty fast too but luckily no people were damaged.  Over all I feel we can call it an epic adventure! 

emmajane1975 emmajane1975

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biked it, didn't hike it [email protected]

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OK, I didn't walk to the top of Mount Vesuvius I took a 4x4 bus thing which dropped us off very close to the top.  But I did look over into the crater and see steam coming out of the crater, amazing. 

The only active volcano on the mainland of Europe,  erupted in 79AD, and buried the towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii, both of which are well worth a visit.

ritchrules ritchrules

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Best experience ever. 

sbchicago sbchicago

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We visited Hawaii on June 4th for a nine days trip to Maui, Kona, and Honolulu islands. During this visit at Maui, we visited Haleakala National Park and saw Haleakala volcano crater, attached few photos.

Also during our visit to Kona island, we visited an active volcano at Volcano National Park, see attachedd pictures.


barbara.schuckar barbara.schuckar

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saltygoodness saltygoodness

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Mt Etna in italy

bewin0891 bewin0891

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migrotherr migrotherr

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El Misti in 2002 and later in Italy Mount Vesuvius with Marisa.


drclan21 drclan21

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It was amazing to see the steam vents and to watch brave souls walk across the crusted surface.  I may be gutsy, but not taking that kind of risk!  The foliage around the volcano was absolutely beautiful, I was surprised at how lush and green it was on the sides that the lava does not flow from.  And the cooled lava flows....beautiful to see the patterns that formed.

jbjellybean jbjellybean

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I visited Kilauea volcano in Hawaii with my family in the national park there. It was amazing to see the lava and the incredibly landscape the lava has created.  Walking on the older lava floes was very interesting.   

spoon73 spoon73

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 Snow skied down Mt Ruapehu on the North Is of NZ while it was still smoking from activity. Great day skiing but awesome to  be in the vicinity of an active volcano.

troddy27 troddy27

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Married on Mauna Loa in Volcano National Park - Big Island of Hawaii

olaszka olaszka

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some volcano whose name i cannot recall in tenerife (1999) and mount etna (2005)

rebecca00 rebecca00

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Vesuvius! [email protected]

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Volcanos park in Hawaii

ned.kemp ned.kemp

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Stromboli with dad and tom, was epic!

kathrynlacanaria kathrynlacanaria

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Taal Volcano (Philippines)

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