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peakypoo peakypoo

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Spent three weeks on a tour with Trek Australia Flew out to Darwin travel down the East coast and ended in Sydney.

Fulfilled many bucket list tasks detailed seperately

wstinewashere wstinewashere

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6 måneder i Australien. Arbejde og rejse :) 


Lyndey Lyndey

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To travel  to the other side of the world, to see the blue mountains,  go inside Sydney Opera house and to dive on the barrier reef - mission accomplished .   Everyone I met was amazing and welcoming,  truly an adventure, spent the whole month of May 2014 over there. 




JazmeniaJane JazmeniaJane

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Work and holiday for a year


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Melbourne (Victoria) Sydney (New South Wales)  

audrey_95240 audrey_95240

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 WHV - best year of my life so far

EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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I've actually been to Gold Coast, Cairn, and Adelaide, all of which were really different but really fun. I've been with my twin sister and our friend. We definitely spent too long there for  a birthday.

dilljac2 dilljac2

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When I was in high school, I had a great friend that was serving an LDS mission in Sydney Australia. My friend's family invited me to go to Australia to "pick him up" from his mission. Of course I said yes! The trip was so amazing! After a 16 hour flight I was in the land of Down Under. We spent 2 weeks in Australia seeing all the sights, visiting local hotspots, and hanging out with the locals. I could have never seen the beautiful Australia I did if I had gone on my own. Some of the beautiful sights we saw were the Sydney Opera House, Blue Mountain, Manly Bay, Australia Reptile House, Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney LDS Temple, China Town, cruise the Great Western Highway and take a boatride around the Sydney Harbor. 


Stevy Stevy

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Two amazing months in Sydney during summer! I can honestly say it's the best city in the world. I loved their laid back lifestyle, beautiful landscape and amazing I just love the aussie accent:)


Chiigii Chiigii

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 Lived there for 5 years. Best country :)

zoranaaleksandra zoranaaleksandra

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Went to Melbourne!

OMG. Kengurooooooos, koalas, wombats and other cute animals. Weird accent, but otherwise, nice people, good food and it was amazing. 


louella.johansson louella.johansson

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 I've been visiting Australia five times already, and in January im going to Melbourne for 3 weeks to visit. I love the continent, there is so much to explore!




*The gold coast


*Mount Beauty


mirandalew mirandalew

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 I visited my girlfriend for 2 weeks in Australia. We spent a week on the Gold Coast and a week in Sydney. I had a fabulous time. We went to Movie World, Sea World, Paradise Country, ate at 2 authentic Italian restaurants and an authentic Thai restaurant, went to an aquarium, admired the beauty of St. Mary's Cathedral, went shopping, and visited a wax museum. I am definitely going back!

Delevium Delevium

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A place that had been dreamed about for some times, with aspired scenario, and a loved one.

alexandra_ozanich alexandra_ozanich

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Spent three weeks visiting my now-husband and his family.


baederp baederp

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Over a week in Melbourne, Australia during the summer of 2014.

Also, Sydney in 2018.


rachnunn rachnunn

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 one of the best experiences of my life! it's so crazy whats out in the world that i have never seen before! SERIOUSLY SO AMAZING i cant even put it into words

divamojo divamojo

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Flew to australia 3 times in 2014.  We were in sydney for 2 weeks and then we continued to Fiji before returning to the States.

akashmacrobod akashmacrobod

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I've struggled to get over here, but i didnt let myself down and infact i have more thirst to reach there!!


rachel.doyle.731 rachel.doyle.731

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Amazing Country, I wish I could move there. Visited in 2009 and 2012 


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