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elfen elfen

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 Our car broke down on the way to France so we spend the holidays in Belgium instead. In Spa :) 

birdyboyuk birdyboyuk

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Booked cheap travel to Belgium (When I say cheap, £2.50 return!!) and stayed in a hostel.

Great experience. Got to meet new people and experience a new county.

The beer is the best!!


chelsea.bunch chelsea.bunch

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 SUPER cute, everywhere I went

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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June 1998, September 2002

Livebig Livebig

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Brussels 1, Sint-Truiden 3


Ben3__ Ben3__

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 Bruges.  Gorgeous.

Milou Milou

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A stop in Brussels, on our way back from Denmark, for a few beers and fries. And see the Mannekenpiss.


Kahvinporo Kahvinporo

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I went to bed at 6 pm on Saturday evening so I could wake up at 2 am to get myself ready. I played some Pokemon Go on my way and I managed to catch few Pokemons at the airport as well before the servers went down.

But then I didn't have to wait long time for my flight to leave and I was in Belgium at 10:45 am local time! And after walking long way to get my bag I soon were greeted by three amazing friends I have known for a long time!

One of them visited me in Finland last year, but this was the first time I saw the other two and it just made me so happy.

I must admit though that I was super nervous during the morning because I have never travelled this far alone, but now I'm sure that I can do it again on my own.

mcneal15 mcneal15

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Brussels Atom


christina.strain.944 christina.strain.944

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Loved Brugge. 


sabinemaria sabinemaria

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I had the most amazing time in Belgium with the best class you could wish for! I wouldn't have had it any other way!

The weather was warm, and on our last day we went to visit Antwerpen! The weather was absolutely amazing on the last day. From 10am to 20.30pm we decided what we wanted to do ourselves. Since we're only 8 girls in my class out of 26, we decided to all go out together. We went shopping and visited a few cafés to get something to drink and some lunch + dinner.

The only thing that could have made it better was if the bus tire hadn't burst on the way there, or if the police hadn't pulled us over on the way home :-)

CoBr CoBr

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Visit Vicky <3 and Amsterdam


kyana.gayden kyana.gayden

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 I lived there for 3 years.

markp73 markp73

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Been there

Trinkett1 Trinkett1

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Brugge   most beautiful place in Europe so far.


gadgetkiwi gadgetkiwi

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Brugge = favorite

why did I have beer at Mc Donald's ? Ew. Only because I could in Belgium and probably nowhere else. 


Kinellie Kinellie

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I've been lucky enough to visit Beligum (Bruges) twice within 6 months.  Going just before Christmas was beautiful, but cold! I loved getting hot chocolates from the little market stalls late at night and visiting all the novelty chocolate shops.  This is where we discovered ribs n beer!!

We climbed the belfry and looked over the whole of the town whilst the bells chimed, we visited the local brewery and chocolate museum too.

More recently we went in May and took a nice boat trip through the river, did some shopping (including finding an amazing teapot shop!) and went to ribs n beer again! 


zandee_tshabz zandee_tshabz

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I am lucky enough to have family friends in Brussels so last Christmas I visited them. I loved the city, the architecture and the calm. Oh and they had plenty of beautiful French-speaking brown boys for me to perve over.

djodrylapointe djodrylapointe

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I went three times in Belgium to meet my ex and live there. I loved it, and I would like to go back someday. Life there was great, and I miss the freedom of traveling without significant expenses. ^^   

ashley.judice.1 ashley.judice.1

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 Beer and Go Karts.

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