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HomoToeristika HomoToeristika

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Beautiful! and if you're on time you can see the change of the guards ^_^  

Cmsdance Cmsdance

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 Inside Buckingham Palace

ng93 ng93

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Was great to Buckingham Palace as a must see thing to do in London (especially for a British person) but it was rather underwhelming and so busy. 

dtodf dtodf

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Visited Buckingham Palace as part of an audio tour, during the three day stay at London.


latinaphilipina latinaphilipina

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 Went on a family trip to London and toured the City. 

lorirodaniel lorirodaniel

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We were able to stop off at Buckingham Palance for a few shots during our city tour of London.  Was such a great experience to see a glimpse of the changing of the guard!  Such a memorable day! 

Sara Ryan Sara Ryan

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We spent out first full day in London just enjoying the sites around the city. We just had a short walk through the park from our hotel to Buckingham Palace. We got to see the changing of the guards and Queen Elizabeth leaving for her weekend trip to Windsor Castle. 

longpt longpt

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 Đến nơi trung tâm của London

Youbetcha Youbetcha

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KiwiiLady KiwiiLady

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Visited here as part of our 2009 trip to London. I wanted to see the guardsmen, but they were far away and I only got a glimpse. Photo is again from my scrapbook. Blurred out my friend for privacy.


Pga3md Pga3md

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Eurotrip with my accounting friends.


SalinaYasmin SalinaYasmin

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melonruh melonruh

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Went there in 2010 on a trip with my family

jayjaye jayjaye

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Spent a week in London this May June 2013. Amazing

hf0ster hf0ster

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I hoped Buckingham Palace would wow me but it was just like walking around a stately home.  

Moose_Moose Moose_Moose

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 Was quite underwhelming

doubleSS doubleSS

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Great time to go is May. Not too crowded, lots to see. Check when the change of the guard is and go see that. Also, read up on the story about the driveway being a landing strip for emergencies ;)

dodgethecat dodgethecat

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I love the Queen! Everything about the royal family is amazing and brilliant in every way. This is why i was desperate to go visit Buckingham palace. We travelled to London for the Palaces summer opening and my most amazing boyfriend waited over an hour in the queue for tickets whilst i watched the changing of the guard. You weren't allowed to take pictures inside for security reasons, but it was so-so-so very beautiful. We got to see all sorts of gifts the queen had been presented by foreign dignitaries. You really have to go see it to appreciate its grandeur. I am going back this summer to see the Tsar's Faberge egg and i am so looking forward to it! 


KayKay KayKay

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Disappointed that the queen wouldn't let me in 

Melodz Melodz

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Changing of the guards, and the whole bit. Interesting,  not tremendously exciting.

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