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maddisonryan93 maddisonryan93

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Marvelled at the temples, connected with the locals, communicated and bartered in Khmer - amazing trip crossed off the bucket list. 

Mikachu Mikachu

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 Cambodia was a challenge for me. It was absolutely breathtaking but seeing the poverty first hand was difficult Up until this trip, I have been blessed to grow up in a western country. 

Stevy Stevy

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When in a foreign country I love meeting the local people, getting to know their daily habits, living their way of life for a while, eating traditional food and understanding their uniqueness and beauty... That is exactly what I did in Cambodia, and I loved it!


casmom93 casmom93

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Experience the culture and history. Also go an see the nature reserves they hold.



Floating villiages

Genocide museum


nashy1977 nashy1977

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Lots of amazing sites to see here from Angkor Wat to the chilling Killing Fields.  Lovely people and a great country to visit.


stevecheung stevecheung

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Visited An Wat, and Phnem Penn.

andyrudlin andyrudlin

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simonlows simonlows

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Visited Angkor Wat in Siem Reap

Volunteering in private school in Phnom Penh

Met local and Taiwanese Volunteers

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