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Pickles Pickles

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 This is a tough one as technically I lived there for 3 years. I was born in Canada and moved to Australia when I was three. I went back to visit the first time in 1979, then again in 1982 and 1990.

I have spent time in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. I especially loved Banff and Lake Louise.

Trying to find photos is the most difficult thing, as I seemed to have lost most of them. These are a few taken on Vancouver Island and one on Xmas morning after building a snowman

SouthernGirl1975 SouthernGirl1975

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Going for a conference but yeah Canada and passport stamp

Could have just been tired or looking for it to be more ummphy but it was just okay.

kirstenholmes98 kirstenholmes98

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 I went to Canada as part of our family holiday in 2016. I was lucky enough to experience Niagara Falls and Toronto in just a few days. It's such a beautiful place and the people really are just as friendly as the rumors say. 

Kinga Kinga

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 I was first in Canada, when I was 5 months old. Canada is beautiful and has the positive vibes. 

eddiev_94 eddiev_94

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 Canada is awesome

batsanta batsanta

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i live in canada

divamojo divamojo

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 One of my favorite travels. Visited Edmonton Mall which is one of the largest in the world and had the kids enjoy the indoor pools there. We visited Banff where the kids did the Maori haka at the hot pools.  We also visited and learned many sacred sites of the First Nation natives.  We went to "Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump in Lethbridge. We got to make a brief visit to Emerald Lake - British Columbia, and visit Vancouver, rode the fairy to Victoria and experienced the Western part of Canada in its beauty!!! 

lois.gail lois.gail

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First experience was in 1993 - It was wonderful and the beauty was breathtaking. Visited a friend from graduate school who lives in Calgary Alberta, and went to ice climb (FREEZING! I'm from a hot state and did not know how to properly dress for winter!) Saw Jasper.  In 2016, I also visited Victoria, Canada and it too was beautiful. I could see the glaciers from the ferry that took me to Port Angeles in Washington state.

nati_nina nati_nina

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Toronto <3

 Jane ST.

Souna Souna

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I want to go back again, especially to Toronto <3 <3


Splimmie Splimmie

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From Toronto to PEI, travelled mainly on the east side of Canada in the summer holidays 2016 ! Was sure beautiful and I will definitely go back! 

Trinni Trinni

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mum is from Canada so we go there a fair bit. Photo from Bluejays game last year.

rockysanders rockysanders

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 Drove through Canada on our way to New York.

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 Crossed the border for the day. It wasn't what we expected, but still decent.

ashlea.o ashlea.o

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I trekked Canada for over 6 weeks. It was the greatest experience of my life. I cannot put into words how amazing this country is!

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It was okay. Tried poutine. They were filming a movie, so kinda want to see what that was about. Only had a half day so saw Lynn Canyon and Stanley Park.

edillin14 edillin14

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 I've done this many times, but most recently I did it on 01-05-16 on a trip with friends to Whistler. 

Katha-rina Katha-rina

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Trip to Toronto.  

Lpac808 Lpac808

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Had a blast! Definitely going again.

Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I visited Ontario, Canada from Friday, June 22 to Tuesday, June 26, 2018 with my family.

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