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HomoToeristika HomoToeristika

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 I was a bit overwhelmed by it! I didn't expect Dubai to leave an everlasting impression, but it sure did! <3  

CountryGirl0210 CountryGirl0210

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Visit my oldest and dearest friend Joanne Seymour 


irishubbel irishubbel

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 In 2013 I went to Dubai with my family, what an experience!

shamou44 shamou44

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Edit Nov 2018 : OMG UAE is awesome !! I super enjoyed my time there ! Dubai and Abu Dhabi soooo beautiful ! Can't wait to go back there !!

nashy1977 nashy1977

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Interesting to be in a city where everything is so new and built for comfort.  Bit hot for my liking but did enjoy the big indoor snow dome for some snowboarding while away.  Good place if you like big shopping malls and fancy hotels, not my thing really.


saiful.brac saiful.brac

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Visit one of the Megacity in the world

Izzy1604 Izzy1604

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Dubai was my second business trip. I extended stay to visit Burj khalifa, Dubai Mall and Dubai fountain, Hollywood parks, Jumeirah beach and Mall of Emirates.

areej.abdulmajeed areej.abdulmajeed

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First Trip with my Friends.

fatimadewan fatimadewan

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KatiekinRae KatiekinRae

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February 2009

zelder1992 zelder1992

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worked over there for 6 months was one of the best experiences ever 


caloconnell caloconnell

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DavieU DavieU

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Lived in Dubai from 2004 to date

Preet Preet

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When I was 15 we went on a holiday to Dubai and it was so incredible. We flew first class, stayed in a glorious hotel and saw the very best of Dubai. We went to a Gold Sook and my mum brought us jewellery and we ate out at some great restaurants. We also decided to go on a desert safari adventure and made our way through the sand dunes. Our driver was mental, a sheikh with a need for speed! But after we had survived the car journey we settled at a desert meal with other holiday makers. We saw bellydancers, got henna tattoos and enjoyed listening to live music. I remember thinking to myself, how the hell did we get here?! My rents work so hard for their income and we lead a modest life, so to come to such a fantastic country and be treated in such a manner and to see such amazing things was incredible, I was so grateful to get the opportunity to be there on that night. We ended the night with a camel ride ( their humps are bloody uncomfortable and they do tend to spit at you when you least expect it) at sunset, the views were amazing!!

Shedee11 Shedee11

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I went when i was about 9 and when i was 13 

silverfox silverfox

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 We had a great trip!

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